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Archive for October, 2006

MovableType has become a pile of crud lately. Like Khoi, I've seen an increased number of 500 type errors. I've seen server loads of 25 or higher multiple times the past few days, oftentimes simply because mt-speak.cgi and mt-tb.cgi are pounded on by spammers (the whitelist functionality I mentioned awhile ago may help solve that!). […]

Fuhrman’s Cider Mill

Every fall, I like to visit Fuhrman's Cider Mill to get some fresh apple cider. The deliciously sweet drink makes your worries go "poof" if only for a little while.

Catching Up

I'm nearly caught up. Nearly.

So What’d I Miss?

So I've been gone for nearly a week. What'd I miss?

Newport Cup, Day Three

The Newport Cup ended today at Greensboro National. Had Dave and I won our matches, the Blue team would have pulled off an unlikely upset, winning 6½ out of the final 8 points. Suffice to say, we did not play to our best and lost, giving the Red team a 13½-10½ win. Congratulations to the […]

Newport Cup, Day Two

Today at the Newport Cup, we played Tanglewood's Championship and Reynolds courses. The former is great, the latter tricky. What's worse, the Red team extended their lead to 10-6!

Newport Cup, Day One

The Newport Cup kicked off today at Salem Glen in Clemmons, NC. The course was in disappointingly poor shape, and the Red team took an early 4½-3½ lead.

Barefoot, Love Course

Today I played the Love course at Barefoot Resort in North Myrtle Beach. This course was my favorite of the three (though I don't remember much of the Fazio). It features lots of chipping areas and swales, lots of interesting contours, and better sight lines for tee shots and approaches.

Golf in Myrtle Beach

Today I played the Norman (not bad) course and the Fazio (ugh, major problems, the nature of which I won't get into here) at Barefoot Resort in North Myrtle Beach.

QotD: Longest Car Trip

Question: What's the longest car trip you've ever taken? How about straight through (without stopping to sleep)? My Answer: 17 hours when I drove from Florida to PA (and vice versa) and today - 11 hours from Erie to Myrtle Beach. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the […]

Uh, Here We Go Steelers?

Here we go… right to the bottom of the AFC. Brilliant play, guys. I can't even blame Bill Cowher this week: Ben sucked (again), the O-Line sucked (again), the playcalling sucked (again), the defense sucked in the second half (again - but see the previous three notes). Every aspect of the Steelers sucked. Still, 10-2 […]

QotD: BBColors

Question: What's your BBColors scheme? My Answer: Mine's in the extended entry. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Preview Should Remember Zoom

I use Preview to view and read PDFs. Lately they've been texts like Agile Web Development with Rails and Why's Poignant Guide to Ruby. Though Preview will happily remember the last page I was viewing, it cannot remember the zoom level. I prefer 140-150%, which I can view comfortably on my 23" display, yet Preview […]

Cynical Peak Blog

Brad and I are maintaining a very small blog at CynicalPeakLog documenting some of the software we're working on. Currently released, of course, is Scorecard, a golf statistics app I helped define. If you're interested in what we're up to, subscribe to the feed.

Next week I'll be spending 14, 4, and 10 hours in a car. I'd like some audio book recommendations (ideally from iTunes, of course). Lay 'em on me!