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Archive for October, 2006

TrackBack may be dead to a lot of people, but I think it still has value. For example, at The Sand Trap, we use TrackBacks to link related articles to each other. That's what TrackBacks are, after all. However, even at The Sand Trap it's a bit of a hack. Currently, I have the following […]

Deleted Immediately

For some reason, while installing Final Cut Pro Studio 5.1 (I finally got it today), my Finder began deleting files on my main boot disk (the one I was using) as soon as I'd throw them out. It even deleted two podcasts I deleted from within iTunes immediately. In fact, it behaved essentially the same […]

Ah, yes, the flammable Wil Shipley - the not-so-delicious monster of Mac development. Wil publishes a long rant on the tired old topic of Carbon vs. Cocoa, some folks resond, and Wil goes off. Hasn't this happened before? Wil's latest article contains a number of errors and silly comments, including his disparaging of FSRefs, his […]

A friend of mine gave me the PDF version of the Agile Web Development book I've been reading (I own the full verison, but it's easier to view a PDF when you're writing code than to go back and forth from book to screen), and one question keeps popping up: why, if '' takes less […]

QotD: Extended Warranties

Question: Do you buy extended warranties? My Answer: This question comes from Gizmodo. I answered "Rarely" because my wife and I bought the expensive extended warranty on our rear-projection LCD TV (60"). It has two bulbs that dim over time and will be replaced under the warranty. Shortly before the warranty expires, I'll call Circuit […]

Final Cut Pro Misses my G5

Funny. To say I'm "missing" my G5 would be a bit of an understatement. I'm really loving this Mac Pro. I've put off my "what I think" post, but will likely post my thoughts on it tomorrow. I should have my copy of Final Cut Pro Studio 5.1 within the week. It was delayed by […]

I followed these instructions for setting up these apps on Tiger and am all set. A few of the software packages had small revisions/updates, so I installed those. Now I think I'm set. P.S. Not all set. This readline issue has popped up and I have ben unable to eliminate it so far. I've posted […]

I've spent the past hour playing with my licensed copy of Billable and I've come away impressed. Despite the fact that I'm (currently) out of the "invoice a bunch of smaller clients" mode (long-term contract work is so much smoother), I can see how Billable will pay for itself within minutes. Freelancers charge by the […]

Zune Doom

I typically shy away from bashing unreleased stuff, particularly from Microsoft, because if I've learned one thing, it's that Microsoft has enough money to overcome any problem. If I've learned two things, the second is that people don't always exhibit great taste. The prevalence of Windows in the 90s is proof enough of that. So, […]

Getting Into Rails

I'm thinking of starting a small online "middle-man" shop. I would take orders, charge customers, and then buy from a company that doesn't sell to individuals and they'd create and drop-ship the product. I'm thinking of hosting the site with TextDrive and using Ruby on Rails to power the site. I'd have to learn RoR, […]

Final Cut Pro 4 for Sale

I have a copy of Final Cut Pro 4 for sale. I'm looking to get at least $225 for it, which, considering the fact that you have until December 31 December 20, 2006 to trade it in for Final Cut Studio 5.1 Universal for $199, is a pretty good deal - I'm effectively selling you […]

I returned home this morning after running an errand. I walked upstairs and sat down at my computer desk when I heard a loud "CRACK!" I went downstairs to investigate, thinking perhaps a picture had fallen off the wall, but found no such damage. It wasn't until I wanted to go to Best Buy (to […]

YouTube: Not Yet Worth Suing

I haven't linked to Mark Cuban in awhile, but this post deserves a mention. And it's two weeks old! At any rate, Mark puts forth the idea that YouTube won't be bought because it's a copyright infringement lawsuit waiting to happen. They haven't been sued yet because they don't have pockets deep enough to make […]