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Archive for November, 2006

A Wii Bit of Fun

Shortly after 11am I dropped by the local Gamestop to pick up my semi-pre-ordered Wii and an extra controller. I'd already gotten the games a few days ago, after all. I took the box home and hooked it up. I wasn't surprised by the size of the machine, but the size of the sensor bar […]

Quick Football Stat of the Day

Ben Roethlisberger: 20 of 26 for 224 yards. In the fourth quarter.

1080p Math

Let's perform a thought experiment wherein we take a pure, uncompressed 1080p signal. How much bandwidth would it take to display the signal at 60 FPS? 1920 * 1080 = 2073600 number of pixels 2073600 * 24 = 49766400 24-bit color (16.7M colors) 49766400 * 60 = 2985984000 60 frames per second 2985984000 / 8 […]

DirecTV Plus HD-DVR Coming

My research into HDMI and newer receivers led me again to check out DirecTV's HD DVR offerings. Though I'm located in Erie, my service location is in Pittsburgh1. Thus, I get Pittsburgh local channels. Pittsburgh's local channels have apparently been available in HD over DirecTV for some time now, which means I can watch shows […]

HDMI Receivers of the Future

I found out yesterday that my TV only does 1080i, not 1080p, and was somewhat disappointed. Eh, no big deal - I'll ditch it in five years and get a new 60" HDTV capable of 1080p. By then, it should cost only $1.5k or so. I'll also get a new DVD player (when either Blu-Ray […]

Is the iPhone Real?

TUAW seems to think so, saying today's China Times says the iPhone design has been "finalized and released to manufacturing." Supposedly, the iPhone will include a 2.0 MP camera and debute in late Q1 or early Q2 2007. So I ask: Will Apple release an iPhone before 07/07? Yes No I want to believe, but […]

Now All I Need is my Wii

I was in the area, so I dropped in to my local GameStop to pick up my pre-ordered Wii games (picture in the extended entry). I haven't pre-ordered any first-party titles, so they were all available to me as third-party games have no "do not sell until" restriction. Now all I need is my Wii, […]

Sales Tax on Shipping?

My order for the Wii component cables, after brief five-hour stint as "backordered," has shown "Preparing Order" since about 5pm ET yesterdy. One peculiarity, though, is the sales tax I'm being charged. The product is $29.95, but as you can see, I'm being charged sales tax on the shipping charges as well (PA sales tax […]

MIT Invents Wireless Electricity

MIT has invented wireless electricity. Long-time readers of the blog (both of us) will remember my To Do List. I'm not keen with items being taken away from me. The item reads: Invent wireless electricity (I'm still waiting on Rob to finish his portable cold fusion device). What's unusual is that the "Rob" noted in […]

Buy Wii Component Cables Online

I've pre-ordered my component cables online, thanks to Cabel. You can do so too by clicking here. If you order the fastest shipping ($13), you'll have your cables by Friday or Monday. It sure beats calling in (800-255-3700) and being rejected several times by a "lines too busy" message. Retailers may or may not have […]

Carey and I went to a local exercise store today to look at an elliptical machine for (ugh) the living room. Our $68/month membership to the Pennbriar (a local athletic club) expires soon and we don't use it nearly often enough to justify the cost. We both liked the Octane Q37e (which has a wireless […]

A day after complaining about the way WordPress handles "read more" links, I've cobbled together a plugin I've named "BetterWPReadMore." It's available from a modified "Plugins" tab at the top of every page. Also, BetterWPMail was bumped to version 0.11. Realistically, it should be at least version 0.2, but whatever.

WordPress uses a template tag function called the_content()1 to publish content. This function does little more than call another function, get_the_content()2. The get_the_content() function is responsible for, among other things, splitting up WordPress posts at the <!--more--> delimiter. It creates HTML that looks like this: <p>Last paragraph of main entry<br /><a href="http://permalink">ReadMoreText</a></p> The optional parameters […]

Garmin, Where are You?

I'm posting this at the request of a friend. At the MacWorld Expo in January, Garmin announced they would be working on officially supporting Mac OS X 10.4 by the end of 2006. Eleven months later and Garmin has made no further comments regarding support for the Mac. Earlier this year, Garmin listed software engineer […]

AppleJack for Intel Macs

AppleJack is now available for Intel Macs. I've never installed AppleJack on my own machines, and it came out shortly after I stopped working as a Mac Genius, so I never tested it there. I'm a little leery to install such a low-level tool, but it's been around for quite some1 time and I've not […]