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Archive for November, 2006

I opened Keychain Access a few days ago and was surprised that I had "875 items." Really? 875 items? Can't I get rid of some of these? So I sorted by "Date Modified" and deleted a few keychain items I hadn't used in years. I noticed, though, that these "old" items were interspersed with keychain […]

The Steelers have played solid football three times this year. Is it any wonder they've won those three games? They've dominated nearly every game they've lost as well, but when you're -11 in the turnover differential, it often doesn't matter how good your team is. With a -11 differential, you can be a top-10 team […]

OpenDNS Slow to Update

I updated the DNS records for over eight days ago. Everyone quickly came to the new IP address. Everyone except OpenDNS customers, that is. OpenDNS has not yet updated. I didn't notice until I got a few emails from people asking why NSLog(); was 404ing on them. I logged in to the old server […]

Are You Buying a Wii?

I'm trying the Democracy WordPress polling plugin and this is the first poll I've created: Are you buying a Wii? Yes. Right away. Eventually. No. PS3 or XBox for me. No. I don't play console games. View Results Feel free to elaborate in the comments.

Cocoa’s Broken Proxy Icons

Occasionally, I'll download several movies from one location. I did so recently in grabbing a bunch of TextMate screencasts and a bunch of Wii videos from IGN's Wii site. Sometimes I'll keep a video, sometimes I'll throw it away when I'm done watching it. This process would be rather simple if the proxy icon in […]

Brad and I are looking for an icon developer who isn't busy to do some icons for "Iris," an application I've mentioned a few times here. Adam Betts is busy (though I've sent another plea to him). Eugen Buzuk is busy. My personal favorite, Julia Nikolaeva, is also busy. More below…

I'm attempting to help a friend with an Apache/PHP issue. In her shared server's local account, she has the PECL HTTP "" shared library. She'd like to load the module for use in a PHP page or two. She has no access to httpd.conf or other configuration files and the .so is located at an […]

TextMate’s Undo

Every so often, I read yet another comment on yet another blog about how TextMate is so great. So I download it again and launch it again. I configure some of the settings (hey, it has Preferences now!). I've done this a few times now (and a search for "TextMate" on this site will confirm […]

CSSEdit 2.0 was released yesterday and, though I was technically a beta tester, I didn't spend much time with the application, instead opting to edit my CSS files manually in BBEdit. I reasoned that I was too busy doing actual work to learn a new application. That was a mistake. Having spent a few hours […]

This about sums it up: If Wii Sports is for the non-gamers, Twilight Princess is for the hardcore. After I spent 10 hours with the game, I barely managed to squeak by two temples, with the third so far off that I could scarcely imagine getting there, let alone approach the objective. (For the record, […]

I'm looking for some forum software suggestions. Something between vBulletin (costs money) and bbPress (way too bare-bones). phpBB is a little too heavy, but seems to be the best out there. I installed the 3.0B2 version as a test. I'm not going to list all the features I'd like, but it seems to me that […]

Wii’s Virtual Console

I'm calling this "The One in Which John Misses the Point." The first comment nails why. If you have a working N64, by all means, play the darn games you still have on it. Otherwise, fork over 1000 points ($10) for your N64 game, $8 for an SNES or Genesis game, or $5 for an […]

In "The Delicious Generation," Paul Kafasis writes: A fellow developer joked that Disco would be released to much fanfare, and then the developers would realize they'd forgotten to hook up the disc burning functionality, having been so busy with the Smoke. In my own brief review of Disco, I dismissed the sizzle and attempted to […]

In its raw form, this site wouldn't validate. Why? Because I like the Safari-only "search" text box functionality: <input type="search" value="" name="s" id="s" size="15" placeholder="Search Here" autosave="" results="9" /&g; That one tag causes four errors in validation all by iteself: There is no "search" type. There is no attribute "placeholder." There is no attribute "autosave." […]

Capture Desktop Icons with Spacebar

Wow. I didn't know that desktop icons could be captured with the spacebar trick after hitting cmd-shift-4. They're not only captured, they're captured with full transparency. That's pretty nifty! I found this information when reading about StyledWindow at bithaus. Then I used it to capture one of the icons on my desktop. I assure you […]