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Archive for November, 2006

It turns out you can walk right past the exit bag checkers at Best Buy, but not at Sam's Club ((You can't at Sam's Club, Costco, etc. because you agree to have your bags checked as a condition of your membership. Best Buy is not a "membership"-based retailer.)). But doing so is still not recommended […]

I've just installed the WordPress Organizer plugin and it's nice, but I wish it had two extra features. The first would be the addition of a "find abandoned files" function, which would locate all images or files that are no longer linked or used in any posts. The second would be the option to not […]

Trying Out Snap Previews

I'm trying out Snap Previews on this site. To see what they do, hover your mouse over a link. The previous one will do just fine. The Snap folks have a blog, too.

3 Lbs

Though I doubt it will last, I'm really enjoying the show "3 Lbs" on CBS. The show has enough science to keep me interested and force me, a day later, to look up things like "face blindness" (prosopagnosia). A week or two ago, while refreshing my memory on what exactly a grand mal seizure is, […]

Wii Game Saves allows you to download Wii game saves (including game saves for some Virtual Console games). I remember the DexDrive allowing PC users to do something like this for their PSX, but with the Wii's SD card support, it's now available for everyone with an SD card and reader.

Wii Tennis: (Mii * 2)^2

Today I played a five-set match against myself. Two-on-two and completely against myself. The Wii split-screened the match and I had to hit, then immediately look to the other half of the screen. I almost never used my guy at the net because I wasn't quick enough to know whether it was a forehand or […]

Wiimail (Problems)

Has anyone successfully added an email address to their Wii address book? I hear you can - and you're supposed to get an authentication/confirmation email - but I never see the email. Furthermore, any and all attempts to set up an account at still fail with a lame message: We are currently experiencing technical […]

Painting the Living Room

Carey and I spent most of today painting our living room. Prior, it was white with a "library" border around the top - a bunch of books on a "shelf." Ick. We decided to paint the walls a light tan with an "accent wall" in a darker brown near Carey's desk. The room is rather […]

Doing Good Deeds

Two nice things happened to people I know and I wanted to share them. First, Carey was waiting in a looooong line at Kohl's on Black Friday. A Canadian woman behind her ((We get a lot of Canadian shoppers at the Millcreek Mall for some reason.)) was wearing a heavy jacket and holding on to […]

HD Finally (Actually) Installed

My 5-LNB satellite dish has been installed and I am now enjoying high-definition local content. Woohoo! Some television shows are noticeably better, some only marginally. Most football games are incredible in high def, even 720p. I wish I had known that Pittsburgh's local channels were available in high definition sooner. I'd have switched months ago. […]

Turkey Day 2K6

Watched some football. Ate too much. Tossed the pigskin around. Stayed up until 2am playing the Wii with Carey's half-brother and a friend of the family. All in all, a total success. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well.

HD Arrives… Kinda

The DirecTV HDTV/DVR I ordered a few days ago arrived, and I've unpacked and installed it. Unfortunately, the installer who came to install the 5-LNB dish I need to receive local channels didn't know I needed both a) a dish and b) a pole to mount it on. The current 3-LNB dish picks up all […]

Bartlet for Studio 60

As seen on last night's episode of Studio 60:

The Wii Address Book

Is anyone else bothered by the Wii's built-in address book? My list of complaints may be short, but each complaint is substantial: Nicknames are limited to what has to be an arbitrary ten letters. Sorry, Phil Letourneau, but you're just "P. Letourn" in my system. The Wii has 512 MB internal storage and you can't […]

My Wii Console Code

My Wii console code is: 6703 3062 3247 5192. If you want to add me, go ahead. If you want to post yours in the comments, please feel free to do so. I'll add the people I consider friends to my console as they comment (and as they obtain their Wiis). Feel free to add […]