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Archive for November, 2006

I've spent a few hours today trying to get SpamAssassin (2.6.3) to trust the local network or, at least, to removed RCVD_IN_DYNABLOCK. I've edited /etc/mail/spamassassin/local.conf and /var/qmail/mailnames/ I've changed the site-wide user_prefs.template and restarted the server a few times. None of these changes seemed to have much effect. RCVD_IN_DYNABLOCK was still being given a score […]

I'm having problems with WordPress. Specifically, the email notifications it sends out. Have a look. This all began when I started monkeying with my own plugin to replace two of WordPress' pluggable functions that send mail, though admittedly this was also at about the same time as the DNS began propagating and the new server […]

HandBrake Rip Speed

HandBrake rips DVDs on this dual 3GHz Mac Pro with 5 GB of RAM at about 83 frames per second. It will spike to 90 on occasion and dip to 75 or so, too. How's your rip speed? Update: Duh, yeah, formats help: FFmpeg encoder, 1 Mbps, MP4 video, AAC audio, 44.1 Hz and 128 […]

Catching Up on 24

So, I'm attempting to catch up on "24" (the TV show) before the sixth season begins in January. I don't think I'll make it. I'm using NetFlix, and with only two discs at a time and a 24-hour turn-around and reasonably fast four-day turn-around on returned discs, and five seasons on six discs, I'm looking […]

QotD: SpamAssassin Rating

Question: At what level do you have SpamAssassin set? My Answer: The new server at MediaTemple offers SpamAssassin. On the advice of a friend, I set my limit to 5 and only modify the subject currently. It worked reasonably well after a few days of testing, so I changed my parents' email accounts to delete […]

If, when you ping, you get an IP address other than "," please post the IP address in the comments. Thank you.

2006’s First Snow

I'm not a perpetual Terminal user in that I don't always have a Terminal window open. Instead, I close them between tasks, forcing me to open new windows roughly 1200 times per day. 😛 The Terminal ships with a few default color schemes, like "Black on light yellow," and when I have more than one […]

QotD: CLI Text Editors

Question: What CLI text editor do you use (and why)? My Answer: For years, I've used pico as my console text editor on various servers. I tried vi and vim, I tried emacs. I even tried joe for awhile. But I keep coming back to pico. Despite the fact that I believe pico stands for […]

Sucky Zune Ads

You know, I have a strong feeling that these Zune ads are going to completely miss their audience. They're horrible. What does "find your audience" have to do with a device that plays music? Do modern teens really get into pit-bull fighting? How is the music appealing to anyone that isn't into bad emo1? Admittedly […]

The Coming War

I really only have one question: how do you "die instantly" in a press? Nothing about a press sounds instant enough. The robots are getting smarter.

Mostly Moved to MediaTemple

For the most part, I've moved to MediaTemple. This domain ( will actually be the last one to move on this site (though the database is currently being hosted on the new server as a trial). moved yesterday. Currently, I'm waiting for the DNS changes to take place for a few sites, like […]


Slugger lets you use tags in your post to define the WordPress "slug" (which is used in the URL). As soon as I finish the podcast I'm editing, I'm going to have to try this out. I hope that the slug and tags are removed from the entry after the slug is created. I don't […]

iTunes 7.0.2 showed up in my Software Update as having the ability to use the second-generation Shuffle, so I installed it. Oddly, it then updated my iTunes Library. Odd. My daily listening includes a few video podcasts (namely Ze Frank's The Show), a few audio podcasts, and whatever's in my Shuffle Play. I almost always […]