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Archive for December, 2006

For about a year now I've used the "official" Touareg-iPod connector from Apple and VW. It works most of the time, but "works" means: No ID3 tags or any song/artist/album info on the LCD. No way to select individual songs. Certainly no way to see any graphics (or video). Limited to five playlists (button 6 […]

For as long as Carey and I have been on the same cell phone plan with Cellular One, receiving text messages has been free. Sending them has always cost $0.10. I send Carey text messages during the day with ideas for dinner, schedules for the evening, etc. She could read them and save them without […]

TV in Erie is Disgraceful

OTA, or "over the air" broadcasting, has existed for a loooong time. Starting last night, DirecTV HD DVRs (the "HR20-700S") began receiving a software update that let users tune in and record OTA broadcasts. MPEG-2 OTA broadcasts have a lot of advantages over the MPEG-4 local channels offered by DirecTV: they look a little better […]

(Not) Cancelling TV Service

Scott Stevenson has cancelled his TV service. Through the years I've read a number of blog entries or emails from people who have given up their TV viewing. Many of these posts seem to come from some assumed moral high ground or sense of superiority the author grants himself for casting aside the treachery of […]

Ever since I got the DirecTV HD-DVR, I've had the old DirecTiVo hooked up in the bedroom to Carey's old 19" TV. It's so old it just has a cable jack - no red/white/yellow composite input, let alone an s-video. So, I'm looking for a good deal on a 27" or so TV for the […]

Sticky Journal

Ask and ye shall receive: That took too long. I guess I could have made the fonts larger to use more space.

The Pencil Drop

John Gruber said this in linking to this article by Seth Godin: Back in elementary school, I was the kid in class who organized the pencil drop. The trick to long-term success was to identify the class narcs and make sure they, i.e. the narcs, didn't know I was the one who started it. And […]

Photoblog Theme for WordPress?

I'm looking for a good WordPress theme for a photoblog. Does anyone have any suggestions? The theme should have support for comments, but the blog will contain little text. Mainly pictures and a few short notes on those pictures.

It's not "nucular!" And is it just me, or does CTU LA get infiltrated every season?

As I've mentioned before, I recently ditched my old Series 2 DirecTiVo unit in exchange for a DirecTV-powered HD DVR. TiVo and DirecTV severed their relationship earlier this year. The HR20-700s is one of DirecTV's first hardware offerings in TiVo's place. The HR20 has had a lot of problems. Those who think back to the […]

State Lego League Competition

The boys did well for themselves. Having to completely re-write their programs in two weeks was a strain, but every score was better than their best score in the local tournament. Still, the high scores went up appreciably more: one team scored 357 out of a possible 400. Many ideas for next year, if Carey […]

I have two NetFlix movies sitting beside me that I won't get to watch until Monday or so. I'm tempted to rip them to my computer for later viewing (on Monday or Tuesday) and send them back today. While physically in my possession, I believe I am allowed to media shift the movies under fair […]