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Archive for December, 2006

QotD: What did you Learn in 2006?

Question: What is the single most important thing you learned in 2006? My Answer: That my definition of "happy" was substantially shallower than I thought. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

My Soon-to-be Studio Setup

A day or two ago I put together my studio package. I still may have a few pieces left to go (including an upgrade from the Canon DR XT to the XTi), but the main parts are in place. They include: The DigiBee setup from Alien Bees. This includes two B400 strobes, two umbrellas, two […]

MediaTemple’s (dv)3 is Out

MediaTemple has released their (dv)3 package. Within the next week or so, the Plesk migration manager will enable customers to move their domains, but until then, this document informs you that: Early adopters comfortable moving site files and databases between servers can immediately open a support request to have a new (dv) 3.0 service added […]

Dobbins Landing at Night

Ron and I ventured to Dobbins Landing tonight at about 7:15 to shoot the holiday lighting the city of Erie puts on the tower there. It was a good use of my evening, and I learned a fair amount. These photos are untouched except some moderate angle adjustments, cropping, and resizing. EXIF data follows each […]

Mini Home Photography Studio

I'm looking to put together a mini home photograhy studio in a corner of my basement. I'm imagining some cloths (white, black, and a dark green perhaps to start) that I can mount or drape over a 6-foot frame (three sides of a cube). I can construct a few soft lighting boxes pretty easily and […]

Resizing and Leaking

Photoshop CS3 beta can't resize images (yeah, that's what "interpolation on image resize is not working" means). And "pmTool" - the app run by Activity Monitor to update the info window - leaks like a sieve on Intel Macs. Since removing it from my dock, the morning routine of heavy disk thrashing for ten minutes […]

NetFlix vs. Blockbuster

An article on TechCrunch has me re-evaluating my NetFlix subscription. I've never switched to Blockbuster's online delivery service because, frankly, we've never had reason to. We're happy with NetFlix. Still, the quest for a better bargain has forced us to at least ask the question from time to time. Carey and I pay $17.99/month (which […]

Merry Christmas to All

Merry Christmas!

I'm torn: while I want the Steelers to beat the Bengals next week to knock them out of the playoffs, I'm fairly convinced that a 7-9 season will prompt Bill Cowher to retire early while an 8-8 season would probably bring him back for another year. Cowher's expression all year - even while receiving ass-beatings […]

Five Things

Judi tagged me, so here goes nothin'. Five Things you might not know about me: I have a degree in medicinal chemistry (and computer science and French), but I've never been a professional chemist. I like to think that college afforded me the time I needed to learn what I needed to learn. I picked […]

Whither HandBrake?

HandBrake ((Current version as of this post: 0.7.1.)) hasn't been updated in ten months ((February 23, 2006)). The blog and SVN repository haven't seen action since April. The original developer seems to have vanished, leaving a hole for others to attempt to fill. Is HandBrake dead? Copy-protected DVDs have begun to make their way onto […]


Time’s Person of the Year

The joke is now well-known, but thanks to Dan Wood, it's a bit easier to see yourself as Time's Person of the Year. I guess that means Gruber I was wrong about the recent security update.

WordPress 2.0.6 RC1 is now available with a few changes and improvements. Word on the street is that WordPress 2.1 is going to be out in early January. I hope most of my installed plugins survive. They don't appear to be doing too many "bad" things, so I think I should be okay. The (dv)3 […]

PulpFiction used the term "subscriptions" to refer to things. I got into a conversation with someone recently about whether or not "Feed" would have been a better choice. While "Feed" is certainly shorter, I see it as both better and worse than "Subscription." Pros for "Feed" / Cons for "Subscription" Shorter name would fit more […]