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Archive for December, 2006

I've neglected to mention that Cynical Peak is participating in MacSanta. You can save 20% off Scorecard now through December 25, really benefit independent Mac developers, and pick up some good software at a good price. Perhaps next year the app currently known as "Iris" will participate in MacSanta 2K7. It remains to be seen. […]

WP-Cache Somehow Ineffective?

Using Daniel Jalkut's modifications to WP-Cache, I unfortunately found that my results were nowhere near as good as his: <!-- Dynamic Page Served (once) in 0.191 seconds --> <!-- Cached page served by WP-Cache in 0.198077 seconds --> Troubleshooting was a two-step process. First, I disabled the two dynamic portions of this site: the random […]

Concealed Weapons and Sex Criminals

I haven't applied for a concealed weapons permit here in Pennsylvania because I work from home. My gun is thirty feet from where I sit in my office (albeit across a hallway). Still, I've been thinking about getting one again simply for the times my wife and I venture to Pittsburgh (where getting lost and […]

Wii Weather

I woke up and saw that my Wii was flashing. Turns out Nintendo released a system update that enables the Weather channel. Carey and I had a grand old time grabbing the globe and whipping it around. We zoomed in on the North Pole to see if we could see Santa (he was napping, we […]

Magic Man

I must be magical, for I can make things go "poof" like you wouldn't believe!

WP Tiger Admin 3.0

I've found WP-Tiger Admin to be one of the most useful plugins in my WordPress installation. It was just updated to version 3.0 and it looks even more gorgeous than before. I've kicked $10 to the author of the plugin as a small show of my gratitude.

It turns out I'm going to have to wait to help a friend import from Blogger to WordPress. He has Blogger Beta, unfortunately, and the work-arounds are either too complex or too incomplete. I'm hopeful that the WordPress 2.1 release can import from Blogger Beta - including comments, though this ticket - which remains without […]

Are You Happy?

And I don't just mean right now, but overall, in general. {democracy:3}

The MediaTemple (dv) upgrade (dubbed "(dv)3") has apparently slipped a few days to December 21. Still, I'm very much looking forward to the upgrade, as I've patiently waited for about two months now to move The Sand Trap over.

A release candidate software update to the HR20-700S DirecTV HD-DVR (version 0x108) enables, among other things, OTA programming access and "ViiV" capabilities. ViiV, of course, is Intel's little DRM-ish love-in, and as a Mac user - even one using Intel chips - I'm likely excluded. Currently, people with ViiV-enabled computers can view their photos and […]

Exporting from Blogger

Soon I'll be helping someone who has a blogspot domain export their entries. I'll then import them into WordPress and set the guy up with his own domain name. I found these steps for exporting data from blogger, but I cannot walk this gentleman through these steps. He struggles with some of the more basic […]

Fake Steve’s Best Ever

"Regarding our iPhone" may be the single best thing Fake Steve has ever written. I realize this is the reverse of how most companies do it. Just about everybody else starts with the product, and only when it's done do they go, Oh, wait, we gotta come up with some sort of ad, don't we? […]

Backwards Guide Data

Guide data on televisions (be it on the TiVo, DirecTV, the TV Guide channel, your local Comcast, Adelphia, Time Warner, etc.) puts lower-numbered channels at the top and higher-numbered channels at the bottom. In other words, the typical guide looks like you see to the right: 501 at the top, 512 at the bottom. In […]

WP Akismet at NSLog();

WordPress' Akismet plugin, well, I'll let it speak for itself: Akismet has caught 10,627 spam for you since you first installed it. I "first installed" WordPress here around Halloween.

4-Year Blogiversary

Today is my four-year "blogiversary." The very first post I made back in 2002 was called "I Hate Perl." I did then, and I still do now (well, I don't really hate it, I just prefer not to use it). That preference extends to my blogging tool as well. Back in 2002, I was using […]