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Archive for March, 2007

In the news this week: Millcreek Golf and Learning Center is going to be closed soon due to airport runway expansion. The course has earned a tidy profit for Millcreek since opening a few years ago. In related news, the city of Erie continues to try to pawn off Erie Golf Club. I'm not in […]

Aperture Keyboard

I still have my Final Cut Pro keyboard, but now a company has come out with an Aperture shortcut keyboard. I'd be tempted to buy it, but $59 for a set of keys alone? $99 for a $29 keyboard (with standard keys, of course). Forget it. I'll make due with the Aperture shortcuts PDF. But […]

Chicken and Waffles

I'm suddenly in the mood for some Chicken and Waffles. Too bad I'm, what, three full time zones away? My only experience with a Chicken and Waffles was in 2000 (I believe) when I was Editor of SegaWeb and I attended an E3 at the Staples Center in L.A. I had a full chicken and […]

Today’s Post

One of the habits I got into was writing something every day on my blog, and usually not just some "I posted" type of post, but something with at least a little meat or which is a little interesting. Today I wrote something, but will not be publishing it for some time. The executive summary: […]

Adam Betts

A MacHeist member strikes again: Adam Betts has accused me of "revenge" and "threatening a lawsuit" for rejecting an icon. The full tale, as you might suspect, is a bit different. To be clear, yes, Cyndicate is an RSS aggregator coming from Cynical Peak Software, a software company run by former FSSer Brad Miller. Cyndicate […]

I tried to name all 50 states in five minutes today. I got 12 in the first minute, 22 by the second, 30 by the third, 34 by the fourth, and 40 at five minutes. Go ahead and try the exercise yourself. Write them down in a text editor and put an extra carriage return […]

More Smoke

My first smoke shots were only "okay," so today I set out to improve upon them. First, I stopped down to f/16, giving me about five or six inches depth of field rather than the two inches I had before. I also backed the shutter speed off to 1/125 (from 1/250), though given the actual […]

SQLite Vacuum

There have been a few posts about vacuuming your Mail and Aperture databases to speed up operations. Great. Yay for vacuum. PulpFiction throws up a dialog at quit which tells the user that it's "optimizing" the database. What's it do, exactly? Vacuum.

I've received a few comments on my random header images script. One person wrote today asking me to share my "howto," as his method doesn't work with WP-Cache. This should be fairly easy, so, here goes. The trick to getting random content in WP-Cache is simple: the use of an "mclude" comment. Since my sites […]

First Smoke Shots

Thanks to the folks who responded to my previous question about incense I was able to make some interesting photographs tonight. Unfortunately, at f/5.6, my depth of field was only about 0.18 feet, or just over two inches. So, many of my photographs are a bit… out of focus. I set my shutter speed to […]

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