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Archive for March, 2007


Simple question, simple answer: {democracy:9} I don't. I think it's pointless and silly. I think the name itself mocks those who "twitter" away precious time better spent getting work done, hanging out with family, or simply relaxing. But hey, I've almost never even used my IM status to convey a message other than the truth […]

Pens Win 6-3

This is one of the better shots from the evening. Going back to a point-and-shoot after spending so much time with a 5D really sucks. I couldn't even keep the flash from turning on every time I turned the camera on and off, let alone control ISO and aperture. I had to take what it […]

Aperture 2.0 Wishlist

Here is my Aperture 2.0 wishlist. I've tried to limit this to features I think we could see. Improved performance. I still have to quit most of my apps (especially Safari) if I don't want minutes of stalling and disk-thrashing. And this is a Mac Pro with a Radeon x1900 with 5 GB RAM. A […]

My own comments on Steve Jobs and education are currently under lock and key. I thought the issue of Steve's comments was a dead one, but the hits just keep on coming. The latest response (that I've bothered to read) comes from a gentleman named Dale Hill, a "34 year retired educator with a Masters […]

High Contrast Dead Yard

In an attempt to learn a little more about my camera the other day, I took some pictures of my yard. I didn't really have a goal in mind - just to try to take some interesting pictures in what was basically a very dead yard. It's not yet spring, of course. I constrained myself […]

Penguins Camera Policy

Carey and I are attending a Penguins game tomorrow, and try as I might, I can't find the camera policy for Mellon Arena (for Penguins games) at I called. Point and shoots are fine. No detachable lens cameras. Oh well. At least we have the point and shoot.

Tiger Woods for the Wii

I eagerly awaited the arrival of Tiger Woods for the Wii. Today, using my mom's christmas present (a Gamestop gift card), I picked up my copy. Suffice to say I agree with IGN's 7.0 rating. They say: The real question is whether or not the Wii remote perfectly simulates a golf club. The answer is […]

Pens to Stay in Pittsburgh

Carey and I are attending a Penguins game this Friday. I booked the tickets when the whole "Pens might be leaving Pittsburgh" talk started to get serious. However, I'm very happy to see that this probably won't happen: the Pens reached a 30-year agreement with state and local officials. Fuck Ed Rendell, though. It's rare […]

My server correctly reports the time via the date command: [11:01am root@as:~] # date Mon Mar 12 11:01:17 EDT 2007 But this morning, a WordPress post I had set to publish at 10am did not publish until 11am. The server is set to "(GMT -05:00) EST/EDT." If I change it to EST only, date reports […]

The Portrait Business

Imagine you walk into an engraving store to purchase a silver frame engraved with your name and birth date. Imagine returning a week later. The clerk pulls out ten or twelve other engraved items, all permanently engraved with your name and birth date, and tries to sell these to you at exhorbitant costs. You turn […]

One quick tax thing that bugs me. Despite spending about $18k for an office in 2006, only $3k (the carpeting) can be deducted immediately. The other $15k is depreciated over 39 (yes, thirty nine) years. It's "structural," so it gets depreciated. The carpeting was not. WTF sense does that make? We paid cash, my self-employed […]

I'm still looking for the perfect web developer for a "part-time sweat equity" project related to photography. Some more details (click the link above for the basics): I don't care about the language - PHP, Ruby on Rails - doesn't matter. If someone wants to bastardize Drupal, ExpressionEngine, WordPress, or even a forum software package […]

Once I listen to a podcast, I delete it (except for the Golf Talk Podcast). I end up seeing this dialog rather frequently: It bothers me in a few ways, but the largest reason is that a completely destructive method is the primary choice. This is not only annoying ((People know that cancel = escape […]

With the iTunes 7.1 update, one of my more handy AppleScripts (see the first comment) for viewing all media no longer works: tell application "iTunes" set view of front browser window to library playlist 1 end tell I'm not sure why: "view" and "browser window" and "library playlist" all still exist in the iTunes suite.

I despise - absolutely despise - feeds advertised as "RSS" which are actually Atom feeds. Oftentimes, FeedBurner factors into the equation. If you're going to list a few varieties of feeds, ostensibly letting people choose which format they'd like, I say you provide that freakin' format. Don't switch it on the back end. Why? Because […]