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Archive for March, 2007

NetFlix Queues

A NetFlix movie arrived today - "Stranger than Fiction." It's the same movie I received yesterday from NetFlix. One would think NetFlix would warn you or simply skip over an item in someone's queue if it's still checked out at the same address. Carey and I maintain our separate queues in the same account (she […]

First Sunset Pictures

I went to Presque Isle's beach 6 last night in the hopes of seeing a sunset as spectacular as the one I saw on Wednesday while driving to the Y. The thing about taking pictures of sunsets is that, given at least somewhat favorable conditions, you just have to show up and see what happens. […]

A while back I signed my name on a postcard with a black sharpie. I scanned it, desaturated it, and adjusted the levels in Photoshop to white out the background and make the darkest black true black. All is well. Now, I'd like to use the signature as a semi-transparent watermark on some of my […]

Desktops (Wallpapers)

I'd like to begin offering some of the photos I've taken in the new "Desktops" section (see tabs at the top). Currently I'd plan to offer the following sizes: 4:3 Ratio 8:5 (Wide) Ratio ----------- ---------------- 1024 x 768 1280 x 800 1152 x 864 1440 x 900 1280 x 960 1680 x 1050 1600 […]

UDSLR Signup Now Available

A sign up form is now available at if you're interested in receiving updates. Current plans are to send only one update and to deliver future updates at the UDSLR site itself. If the logo hasn't clued you in, the general idea is "University" of "DSLR." I still slightly prefer the original idea - […]

I'm waiting quite awhile for the Lowepro Slingshot 300 AW to arrive at either Dodd Camera or Van Tuil. Van Tuil today gave me a line about "it's a new bag, did you know that? They're not shipping them until mid-April." Uhm, what? Huh? I'd just order from B&H - again - except that I'd […]

Spring 2K7 is Here?

Spring must be here. Right? I golfed today, it reached about 76°F, and flowers are blooming. That must mean it's spring, right? Here are some crocus shots I took in about six minutes in the front yard. Used the 24-70 at 70mm, changed the aperture from f/2.8 to f/11 to see how different the changes […]

Still Snowy Presque Isle

Looking forward to some warmer temperatures (highs in the low 60s were predicted today), Carey and I ventured out at about 11am to Presque Isle. I threw my camera in the car with the 70-200 and the 24-70. When I get my bag, I'll likely just take everything. It was 50° in the garage, 42° […]

Shutdown Day

I did it. I didn't use my computer for an entire day, on Shutdown Day 2K7. I'm writing this post on March 17 at 6:03pm, but I'm going to date it 11:59:59pm on March 24, 2007.

SlingShot 300 AW

If anyone wants to get me a birthday present… one of these would be nice. 🙂 Otherwise, I'll probably get one in two weeks when Dodd Camera in Cleveland gets them in. I had intended to get a Sidney Crosby home jersey, but again, they were simply unavailable at the Penguins game. Then on Sunday, […]

LogoMaid - a design chop shop - has ripped off Dan Cederholm's SimpleBits logo, then gone so far as to threaten a lawsuit against Dan claiming he stole the logo. Yeah, right. John Gruber has more on this, and I'm posting merely to add my PageRank weight to the side that roots squarely against outfits […]

Grandma’s Framed Shots

After attending the Pens game last Friday, Carey and I went to visit my grandma in Bedford. The primary reason was so that I could take pictures of her for her 80th birthday. The family is throwing a little party in late April for the occasion. I took several pictures, and had only two real […]

Beta testing for "Iris" is scheduled to begin just as the month of March ends. If you're interested in what is basically a drastically improved PulpFiction, leave a comment or otherwise get in touch with me (via email if you'd like). The current schedule is as follows: April 1 - Begin small beta test. April […]

Presque Isle Downs Buffet

Carey and I went to the Presque Isle Downs buffet last night. Despite having heard bad things about the food, Carey and I felt secure in our understanding of what "casino buffets" are supposed to do: Draw people to the casino. If a buffet is good, people will come to the buffet and "drop a […]

Water Power?

A car powered by four ounces of water? Supposedly, this isn't a prank… and yet today is the first I've heard of it. P.S. Hyrdogen burns (or explodes) quite easily. Remember the Hindenburg? Adding oxygen to the mix only helps, obviously, as combustion requires oxygen. Is that all that's going on here?