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Archive for January, 2008

This is about 1/3 of the building… which is quite literally 1/2 mile long from end to end. The PGA Merchandise show occupies the entire building. Today is the last day of the show. Tomorrow: a special thing with Titleist.

Upside Down Building

I knew Orlando had an upside-down building for the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, but the theme appears to be spreading.

This shot's actually from yesterday. I am in Orlando, FL for the 2008 PGA Merchandise Show. I've not mentioned it because the wife doesn't like all four of my blog's readers to know I'm gone. 🙂 Sadly, this is after adjustments, as the iPhone has no way to control aperture, ISO, or shutter speed. 🙂

My Macworld 2K8 Thoughts in Brief

Time Capsule Great idea, good price, but it won't fit into my network without being redundant. I may still get one depending on the feasibility of a few options (see the end of the linked post). Revised AppleTV Great idea, good price, but it won't fit into my network without being redundant. My receiver's 3 […]

My current home network is pretty simple: A white dome AirPort Extreme (APE) in my office hooked up to cable modem. An AirPort Express (APX) in my kitchen that extends the range of my network. I could probably do without this. Another APX in the TV stand, connected to an ethernet hub, which connects my […]

Macworld 2K8 Predictions

Post them here (and before the keynote starts) if you want to take credit for them. I don't have any predictions myself ((I've been happier to adopt a low-expecation-and-thus-I-am-never-let-down approach to Stevenotes.)), but I will say this: if there's a thin MacBook of some kind at about $1500 to $1700, I may just buy two […]

Gaming Goodness, Vol. 1

Descent3 + Call of Duty 4 = Gaming Goodness. I can't remember why I'm thinking about Descent today, but man that game was fun. Basically, an updated version of Descent built for online play would be awesome.

Penguins Finally Lose

The Penguins finally lost a game. It took a pretty silly goal and a shootout victory (by Mark Recchi of all people - if he played like he's been playing he wouldn't have been released by Pittsburgh) to do it, but their streak doesn't quite reach ten in a row. The streak dates back to […]

MacBook Air

You know, I still haven't quite adjusted to calling them MacBooks. Though I despise the name less now than before, I still wish the "PowerBook" name lived on and I think "Air" is a pretty hippie-sounding name for a computer, real or imaginary. With Adium logs showing the product it seems like an even bigger […]

iPhone Comment

This comment on the iPhone sums up a lot of things rather nicely: iPhone is the first device that actually makes me feel as if I'm living in the 21st century. We don't need flying cars: just well thought out devices. From "gambit-7" here.

Call of Duty

Every time I pick up Call of Duty 4 I thank the stars I've never had to go to war. This game, largely due to its realistic guns, scares the crap out of me. Though I know that training, the survival instinct, and all manner of other things come into play, sometimes I wonder how […]

It must be. I have a hard time believing Apple wouldn't have at least put out an update that would add a "2008" album to the built-in smart albums by now if it wasn't. Right? 😛

Time-Warner Paid me a Visit Today

This is a follow-up to the ongoing story I first wrote about here. Time-Warner officials paid me a visit today. I won't elaborate on how I got to this point, but I will say that I felt I deserved an answer and that I was polite in taking the steps I've taken. Time-Warner's response has […]

A lot of photographers commit to a sort of "365 Project" every new year wherein they take (and post) one photo every day of the year. It's designed to get photographers off their duffs and creating imagery every day, whether they feel like it or not. That sort of thing never quite appealed to me, […]

Taped up the Trees

Several (most?) of the trees in our yard have now been taped up. The majority got orange tape, meaning "cut it down." A few got pink tape - which means "ask us" (which usually itself means "trim it"). In the spring, we're having a guy take out all the rocks and walkways and mulch and […]