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Archive for January, 2008

The (in)famous "Plane on a Conveyor Belt" experiment was run last night on MythBusters and, as physics dictates, the plane takes off. That was a terrible experiment. The whole basis for the myth was that the airplane could take off from a treadmill traveling at the same speed as the aircraft. Unfortunetly during their testing […]

Deleting Podcasts from iTunes

Why the hell is there no confirmation dialog when you delete a subscription to a podcast in iTunes? Seriously? There's not even an undo, and it's not easy to figure out what podcast subscription you've deleted. It's easier to delete an entire subscription than an individual podcast! P.S. Yes, I just deleted a subscription, hence […]

Hiding Time Machine Volumes

Pretty easy: SetFile -a V '/Volumes/Mimzy' Lowercase 'v' returns the disk to visibility.

Entourage:2008 Quick Notes

You can edit the toolbars! Yay! My first attempts to drag the stupid stupid "mini buttons" that allow you to switch from Mail view to "To Do" view and the other three or four views failed, but then I successfully removed it by editing "" and removing each of the lines that contained ".navcontrol." What's […]

Dating is Hell (.net)

I'm not dating anymore, but a friend of mine has started a site "," which collects stories from the wild and woolly world of dating.

Book Reading

Steve Jobs recently made some comments about the amount of books people read (i.e. very few) in a discussion of Amazon's Kindle. A few years ago a friend of mine told me that he doubts if half of American adults had ever read ten books all the way through and on their own. I tend […]

Burnout Paradise

I put some time in with Burnout Paradise today. I feel I've gotten the hang of it thus far. I'm still pretty bad at some of the events that end in the mountains, but I popped online for awhile and spend an hour or two playing competitive/co-operative three-player challenges. The game is getting a lot […]

Following this and this, I must say that the improvements Time-Warner has made are noticeable. Never before in the six months prior to the change would this have been possible: Now all that's left is for Time-Warner to re-route some internal network stuff so that we're dumped onto the Internet from Canton, OH rather than […]

PayPal Discourages Marrying

So today I discover that PayPal seemingly never expects two separate married people to have separate PayPal accounts but share a credit card and a checking account. In other words, they're holding some of my wife's money hostage. She can't verify her account because I'm already using them to back my PayPal account. Imagine the […]

Aperture 2.0 Rumors and Predictions

Could be tomorrow, or certainly in about eight days, that Apple will release Aperture 2.0. Anyone willing to post some rumors or predictions (not wishlists, which even I have done to death)? My only prediction at this point is that we're going to see some really tight Flickr integration. My reasons for guessing at this […]

The Quoter plugin for WordPress has served me well for quite some time, but it has a bug. If I simply type <blockquote><p>something here</p></blockquote> in the comments, Quoter incorrectly adds an attribute line (i.e. "Erik J. Barzeski said..."). I've spent a little time looking at the code, but I haven't yet figured out how to […]

DirecTV HD-DVR Update

Back in December of 2006 I wrote a little entry comparing the DirecTV DVR to the TiVo. The DirecTV HD-DVR (the "HR20" as I'll call it from now on) has improved dramatically since then. Many people experienced a lot of growing pains with their HR20s, but aside from having two shows wiped out early on […]

Admin Accounts and Mac OS X

My primary account is an admin account. I tried setting up a special "admin only" account and reverting my standard one to a plain old user, but the constant authorization requests to do darn near everything got so annoying I switched back. I realize it's a bit less safe, but especially now with Time Machine […]

Waiting on Office:2008

As I (thought I'd) mentioned before, I bought another copy of Office:2004 (Teacher/Student) edition on Black Friday and took advantage of two deals: a $100 rebate (Best Black Friday Deal Ever) and a free ($6.99 S&H) upgrade to Office:2008 (Super Suite Deal). The $100 rebate check has already arrived (and been cashed), but I'm still […]

iPhone Mail Sucks

I've been using iPhone's Mail application on this trip (I didn't want to bring along a computer), and I must say, I'm rather disappointed in its behavior. It largely boils down to the fact that deleting messages is an incredible pain in the ass. If the app supported spam filtering (or even some basic filters), […]