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Archive for October, 2008

I'm looking to start a small local digital photgraphy "club" in the Erie, PA area and am looking for someone to help run the thing. I've got what I think are some good ideas, but for various reasons I don't want to do this by myself. There's a photography club in Erie right now, but […]

Kodak Zi6 Received

I picked up a Kodak Zi6 a few days ago. Even posted a little video on Vimeo. I bought it for two reasons: one, it's HD (720p) and two, it'll do the HD at 60 FPS, which I consider critical to recording the golf swing (for analysis). So far, I've been impressed. More to come. […]

Oh how I wish Apple's App Store had this feature: The Android Market business and program policies also include an item that says users can return any application for a full refund within 24 hours of the time of purchase. In the absence of a trial version of applications, this offer will let users return […]

I was going to use this post to question the use of "Jony" as a name for Jonathan Ive (as seen when watching the video at the Macbook section of Apple's site. Then someone told me that "Jony" is a valid abbreviation for Jonathan. So despite never having seen Jon Ive use "Jony" as his […]

A Stop-Motion Love Story

Awesome. Unfortunately, I'm lacking the time, creativity, patience, and talent to do anything like this, so I must simply respect in awe the work of others. This one's way up there. P.S. I'll check out the "making of" page later, too.

Time-Warner Down Awhile

And of course, just as I post about the (incorrect) speeds, Time-Warner's RoadRunner service goes down from Friday afternoon until early Monday evening.


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A shortened version of the original: Experiment Check the background Hold the camera straight (contrary to #1; can be done in software later) How to hold a camera (carefully! :-)) Get in close Take lots of photos Strive for balance between people, place, things Find a point of interest Rule of thirds (probably not when […]

Crew Picture on Photoblog

My "Crew" picture is on the photoblog today. I don't attribute the success of that image to anything but luck. 😉 But anyway, check it out if you get the chance - and then download a desktop-sized version if you want.

It's not as easy to see as this one, but Burger King will apparently allow you to upgrade from french fries to apple fries for the low, low price of less than 7/10 of a penny. Stop the madness!

Server Disk Died, LiquidWeb

A few days ago, one of the hard drives (or perhaps the hard drive) on my server died. Though it took MediaTemple about 13 hours to notice the dead disk1, replace the hard disk, and restore my data, I was impressed that not a single bit of data was lost, including up-to-the-minute databases. I didn't […]

Employed for Another Year

Good news: I'm employed for another year. Woohoo! Nothing beats sitting at home making money in your boxer shorts. And I'm intentionally leaving that sentence just the way it is.

Whispering Woods 2009 Rates

With the range nearly complete, Whispering Woods released their 2009 price list. Membership rates are quite low! Surprisingly low, in fact: Individual (25-59): $2100 Family (same household): $2850 Senior (> 60 as of 04-01-09): $1900 Junior/College (16-24): $1500 Foursome Special: $8000 Corporate (Primary): $2100 Corporate (Secondary): $1650 All rates include green fees, use of the […]

JPG Mag Themes

Let this post serve as a bit of a kick in the pants for me: JPG Mag Themes. I'd like to use them to perhaps spur a little creative spell - I wouldn't mind getting an image in JPG. We'll see.

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