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Archive for March, 2009

St. Patty’s Day Drinking

St. Patty's Day - another excuse to get drunk. I wager that there will be thousands of people who will drink more alcohol today than I've ever had.

A Week with the Kindle 2

So I've had the Kindle 2 for a week. And I read the fairly long user guide. And that's about it. I just haven't had the time. I don't see that changing much any time soon. Over the summer, things might be different, but right now's an awfully busy time of year. P.S. If GolfWeek […]


{democracy:51} If your answer is a bit more complex than what's available above, say why in the comments. I haven't installed it yet - not on my Macs, nor my virtual Windows setups - and don't plan to, either.

Knowing the Neighbors

When I was a kid, it seemed as though my family knew just about everyone that lived around us - our neighbors. They talked to most of them. Today, I don't know many of the neighbors around me nearly as well. It may be a symptom of many things - more time spent together as […]

… but every time I hear "Start Me Up" by the Rolling Stones I think of the Windows 95 parody song.

iPod Shuffle Sweet Spot

I agree with this article: the new Shuffle misses the sweet spot. You shouldn't need an "adapter" to be able to listen to an MP3 player. It's not like the previous generation Shuffle was a cumbersome beast. Apple's gone too far here. The old Shuffle was perhaps perfect. The new one is a big step […]

I recently held a contest at another site of mine. People had to correctly answer six product-related questions in order to be eligible, and one of the questions was phrased in a mildly tricky fashion. The product was a rangefinder, and USGA rules recently allowed rangefinders to be used - at a tournament committee's discretion […]

Safari 4 Caching Issues

Safari 4 (beta) seems to have an issue with caching. Once an image (or whatever) fails to load, it never seems to load again until you quit Safari and re-launch it (and perhaps clear the cache - cmd-opt-e). I've even tried loading up the image directly (it works), then reloading the page that contains it […]

Kindle 2 First Thoughts

My Kindle arrived today, so here are some of my thoughts. In no particular order. Unboxing was not quite Apple-like, but it was better than most consumer products. Amazon should give you $9.99 or something to buy your first book. I find myself waiting to download the "perfect" first book rather than just any ol' […]

Mac OS X Appearance Color

For Mac users only: {democracy:50} P.S. I'm not asking about your highlight color. If you want to answer that question, go here.

I really like photos like this, but I never see them in my own day-to-day life.

Given that I have a Kindle 2 arriving soon, can anyone recommend any good books? I tried to write about what I do and don't like, but I don't want to shut myself off to any "boundary stretching" options. The only things I really won't consider are comics, sci fi, and perhaps politics.

Kindle 2 On the Way

As some may have guessed, a Kindle 2 is on its way to me. I've previous said that the Kindle only interested me if it was $299 or less, and then went on to say "if it's free, and only then." ((Which is pretty much the same as this comment: "Unless someone gives me a […]

Buying a Kindle 2?

A simple question this time: {democracy:49}

Mac Mini and Blu-Ray

I know Blu-Ray is currently a big ol' world of hurt. But you know, if the new Mac Mini had a Blu-Ray drive, I'd have bought one instantly ((My friend Josh makes the point that Apple wants you to buy HD movies from them, not on disc - the OS doesn't even support Blu-Ray drives.)).