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Archive for March, 2009

Simple Blog or Journal

I'm a self-taught golfer to this point, but I've hit a wall or ceiling and this summer I'm looking at taking some lessons. I'd like to set up a "journal" to house my notes, images, and perhaps some videos. If it's online, great - I can easily share parts with my instructor(s) - but a […]

Every once in awhile, someone advances the opinion that since the PGA Tour has no gender rules ((If a woman ever qualified to be a member, there are no rules to prevent it. Women are allowed to receive sponsor exemptions to play in PGA Tour events - that's how Michelle Wie and Annika Sorenstam have […]

iDisk Sooooooooooo Slow

Why on earth is my iDisk so freakin' slow. Isn't it just a .dmg on my disk that's automatically synced with cloud? Why do operations like copying a file to it or writing a file to it take so bloody long? And why is this still an issue?

Let it be noted that the wife played golf today and thoroughly enjoyed herself. Ha. 🙂 Came home to watch the Pens win a game against the Rangers, Tiger Woods make about 19 bogeys in 18 holes, but also slip in about three or four birdies, to get to second place but well back of […]

Honda CR-V Feedback?

Anyone out there own a Honda CR-V? Or a RAV4? We're due to replace the Aztek this year, and we're considering the CR-V, the RAV4, or other vehicles in that "smaller SUV" class.

Remember When: Launch Time

Remember when we'd measure an app's launch time by counting the number of bounces in the Dock?

I've yet to begin the search (I'll be doing so shortly), but I thought I'd throw it out there… I'm setting up a blog for a small group and they need a calendar feature that lets them easily add a calendar to their WordPress blog. By "calendar" I mean one capable of displaying events and […]

Safari 4’s Top Tabs


A few Republican friends have told me lately how he's noticed that "all the intellectually smug, superior Obama supporters have been relatively quiet now that their guy's in office and completely screwing up, going back on promises, or at the very least not living up to their unrealistic expectations. They're being awfully quiet these days." […]

A Bizarre Birthday Present

My Mom: Happy Birthday. Me: Thanks Mom: BTW, we're moving to where your sister lives. We bought a house and we've put our current one up for sale already. Currently they live 30 minutes from me. My sister lives in Latrobe, about 2½ hours away. Uhm, yeah. Funny timing, that. Happy birthday to me.

Pens Streak Over, Whew

Under new coach Dan Bylsma, the Pens went on a pretty amazing 12-1-3 streak. The one loss, it should be noted, was the guy's first game behind the bench and took place before he could even practice with the team. Pens and Flyers in round 1 of the playoffs this year? It's looking likely… if […]

The EDGA has posted their 2009 tournaments, and I've got to mark my calendar for: Men's Interclub Sunday, May 24 - Whispering Woods Match Play Championship June 8, 12-14 - Lake View CC Mid-Amateur Championship Thursday, July 23 - Lake Shore CC I probably won't play in the Amateur - it's at Downing on August […]

So I've heard from a fairly large number of people lately that Obama is completely screwing up the "economic recovery" plan. These people tend to be Republicans, but I've heard from a few Democrats, too. Most of what I've heard from sources of unknown party are those in the golf industry. There's a flap about […]

iMovie fails at something: the ability to work with non-standard sized video. I've got video that's 720 x 1280 - and that's 720 wide by 1280 tall, as it needs to be rotated 90° - and iMovie can't even begin to handle the video properly. I've worked around it by just using QuickTime Player, though […]

Golf Season 2K9

I'm at Whispering Woods and Lake View for one more year. Until Whispering Woods gets its range up and running (July 1, supposedly?) Lake View still fulfills a vital role. Carey's decided that, this year, she's re-committing herself to golf. I'm going to do my best to stay out of the way - get her […]