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Archive for April, 2009

New Safari Beta Soon Please?

I've gotten used to Safari 4's "tabs on top." It doesn't mean I like them, and all of my previous complaints are still valid (to me). That said, I'd really like an update to the beta, even if all it did was fix this problem.

WTF, people? Who the heck thought this was a good idea?

Daily Blogging

It's admittedly tougher with a family. I no longer spend my work time and my free time on the computer, and "free time" was when I'd get a lot of blogging done. Additionally I don't do quite as much work that I can publicize or talk about, and I'm not quite as heavily involved in […]

Pontiac Dead?

Seems so. Oh well. Carey and I still love our Aztek. Update: Bah. 🙂


Seriously, how are dandelions not extinct? Or at least how do they not have chemicals that target dandelions (and dandelions alone)? Perhaps they do, and a trip to Lowe's is in order.

Philadelphia Fans

Philadelphia Eagles Fans: not the classiest of fans. Philadelphia Flyers Fans: perhaps even worse. Philadelphia Philly Fans? 76ers fans? You tell me. Seriously, are the baseball and basketball fans less obnoxious, or is it a city-wide problem?

Golf Lesson 1 of 9

Earlier today I took the first golf lesson of my life. We worked on two things: Takeaway Hands inside, clubhead out, without fanning open the clubface. I have to feel as though I'm turning the clubface down or that the right hand really stays on top. The "feel thought" that seems to work best for […]

Hiring an Outside Consultant

I'm hiring an outside consultant tomorrow. I've spent years honing my practices and abilities, but it's time to seek outside assistance from a trained professional. Everything I know about what I do is self-taught, and if someone can provide a fresh perspective I should immediately see a higher ROI and better results across the board. […]

Almost Out of Pictures

I'm almost out of pictures for the photoblog. I don't tend to take many photos from January through March, and I've got plenty of flower pictures, so I'm hoping to avoid taking too many of those this spring.

2x Extender

It is now mine… along with the 1.4x. So now I have (effectively) a 600mm f/5.6 lens. Will be great for shooting golf, I tell ya. Though I may end up using it more at 420mm and f/4.

Turn the Camera, Honey

I almost forgot about this, but one day in Disney World a woman was taking a picture of her husband and their two sons, and the husband was trying to tell the wife to turn the camera from landscape orientation to portrait. Man: "Turn the camera, honey." Wife: "Huh?" Man: "Just turn it, the picture […]

Working Remotely

Rands has a good post about working remotely.

Last year during the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Pittsburgh Penguins showed the broadcast on a large screen outside. Fans would gather on the lawn, watch the broadcast, and celebrate a great run by the Pens in the playoffs. This year, they've done it again for the first two games (shown on FSN), but NBC has […]

Fortunately, taking this photo did not cause the iPhone broken.

Mad Men, Season 1

I've finished watching Mad Men, Season 1 (Netflixed it). I seem to be missing something. It's a good show, but I don't think I'd call it great. Does it pick up in season two and three at all? Do you have to be older than 31 to really get it? The stereotyping is pretty heavy […]