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Archive for July, 2009

Swearing Eases Pain

Lookee, they've found that swearing eases pain. That explains why so many people swear on the golf course.

Betting on the Ponies

The wife, father-in-law, and I attended the horse races at Presque Isle downs tonight. I'm pleased to report that we came out ahead by a total of $7.80. We bet $16 on six races - two dollar bets with two double bets - and won $23.80 total. I was 4-1 (losing the first, sitting out […]

Does anyone else out there wish they could delete some of Apple's built-in applications from their iPhones? Sure, you can move them aside, but what if you never ever want to see them, and don't want them cluttering up your screens (or created unnecessary screens)? For example, I can't remember the last time I launched […] Email Admin?

Does anyone know how I might resolve this issue? Perhaps they know the email address of a administrator or something? My attempts to reach Yahoo via some standard email addresses (like admin@) have failed. Virtually every user who signs up for an account at The Sand Trap's golf forum with an address fails […]

Criminal Question


Water Droplets

One of the first things I ever did with my camera was take these pictures of dropping a cherry in wine glass filled with green tinted water. It was far more experimental than precise, and my depth of field wasn't spot on. This post at strobist has me encouraged to try again.

Craigslist Erie

Erie is now caught up to, what, 2001? We have Craigslist! Wow, 3G and Craigslist in one week. WTF is going on?!?!

I'm catching up on the Photoblog. I've just added a series of photos that gets me through June 13 - they're a series of photos from a trip we took to a dairy farm. Check them out - - if you get the chance. I hope to post more and either catch up to […]

3G Comes to Erie

Some time early yesterday evening I awoke my iPhone and, before it could latch on to my wireless network, I saw "3G" instead of "E" in the title bar. I turned off WiFi and, lo and behold, the "3G" remained. I loaded up a web page in Mobile Safari and, yep, it had to be […]

Affect vs. Effect

Golf Channel, as much as I love (errr, well, let's go with "like") you, you've never really been one to have the greatest of chirons. If I watch you for an hour or so when you're not showing infomercials, I can almost always spot a typo or mistake in your graphics.

Rivet 2.2 is now available. Some big things in this update: Added video thumbnails display (Xbox and PS3). Added music album art display (PS3 only). Added support for iPhoto Events. Added metadata support for the date and duration of movies. Improved loading speed of photo thumbnails. Improved parsing speed of media and libraries. Fixed display […]

This tip got a little coverage on Twitter as being one of the best tips ever. I don't remember the last time I wanted to "paste and match style," though, so I'm leaving my settings alone. You may feel differently, of course.

Spotted outside of the local Red Lobster: Guy can afford a Corvette, but not a dictionary ((Yeah, "wannabe" is in my dictionary, even though it's slang. It's online too.))?!?! At least it doesn't say "its".

LPGA Event in Toledo, OH

Today Carey, her brother, their father, and I attended the Jamie Farr Owens Corning Classic near Toledo, OH. It's an LPGA stop and has been for 25 years - though due to the current economic situation and the current commissioner, it may not be back for a 26th year. While I don't mean to take […]

Happy 233rd

Nearly every time a significant date arises in U.S. or even North American history, I think back to my trip to France. In the U.S., we see things and are told "this was built in 1612" and we go "oooooooh." Then we go to France or wherever and see things that were built before Christ […]