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Archive for July, 2009

I've just gotten in on the new Xbox fall update, the preview. There are a lot of things I don't really care about - you can buy "props" for your avatars now, for example - but the update is well worth it for one area of improvement alone: Netflix. The first run at the Netflix […]

Microsoft the Marketer

I used to joke that Microsoft wasn't an engineering (or software) company, it was a marketing company. These days, it seems even that's not true, and I agree with John's assessment in his latest fireball. But then again, what do you expect when you hire a former Wal-Mart exec to be your COO?

Soundtrack Pro 3 Changes

Prior to today I'd been using Soundtrack Pro 1.1 for my podcast editing. Today, in a first run-through, I noticed several things which I found annoying about 3.0. First, every file was for some reason saved as a six-channel file. This was a pain until I figured out that I could delete four channels. I […]

It's true, according to Canon Rumors. If so, I'll have to investigate selling my existing 70-200 to pick up some of the new ones. I love the aperture, the weight doesn't bug me, and I use the lens so often that if there are even some small improvements, it will be worthwhile, particularly in crispness. […] - click the "stats" tab. It's not an earth-shattering feature, but publishing the stats along with the rounds is new, and it should help people coordinate with their instructors, compare themselves to their buddies, etc.


Without giving it a lot of thought, answer this question in your mind: As relative humidity increases, does air get denser or less dense? Now think about it for a little while. Do you get the same answer?

Mad Men Yourself

Mad Men Yourself lets you put yourself into AMC's Mad Men. Here's me: I've now watched season two, and my thoughts are about the same as season one: not bad, good, not great. The writing still seams weak to me and it's tough to relate to the characters. I know they're stereotyped to heck and […]

Scorecard 2.1 is now available for download from Cynical Peak's website for both Mac and Windows! Scorecard 2.1 changes the way nine-hole rounds are matched for stats to provide a more accurate picture of your abilities. In Scorecard 2.0, 9-hole rounds were paired to form an 18-hole round for all stat calculations with the restriction […]


Earlier today I "played" in the EDGA Mid-Am tournament. The tournament is supposed to be a 36-hole test of golf for anyone aged 25 or more and with a handicap index of 8.0 or lower. It costs $80 to enter, plus cart fees if you choose to drive a cart. To make a long story […]

HBO or Showtime


Beer Butt Chicken

I'd like to grill some beer butt chicken - anyone out there have any recommendations on some good recipes to take things up a notch? Of course, I haven't tried the basic recipe yet - perhaps that's all I need?

So, for some reason, Soundtrack Pro has decided to crap itself. Every time I click on a track, it crashes. 100% of the time. I turned off the "sync with hardware" checkbox, I've trashed the prefs, I've even re-installed. I was going to upgrade ((I have "Final Cut Pro 5.1 Studio", so I'm eligible for […]

Speed Download does what it does. I think it does it well, which is why I keep it around. But earlier today I was downloading some things from a site which protects everything with a password. Some files (.wmv files) downloaded within Safari, so they had no problems. Others (.zip files of the promotional JPEGs […]

For the past few days, I've tried to upgrade a few iTunes songs to iTunes Plus tracks. Each time I try, I'm told this: Dear Erik, Your iTunes Plus music upgrade could not be successfully completed because there was a problem with one of the items that was to be upgraded. Please return to your […]

Winning at Nim

If the idea is to create a nim sum of 0 as this article proposes, then I've yet to find a way to win at this game of Nim. D'oh. Once I figured out that I could make Marvin go first I won the first time. The nim sum is already 0 when you start […]