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Archive for December, 2009

Cinnamon Toasted Almonds

They sell for five or six bucks at medieval fairs and lots of other places - yet they cost very little to make at home. Carey and the kiddo made this recipe today and it was mmmm mmmm good.


Where dey go? 🙂 The last release is now something like 15 or 16 months old? I know that WO's demise was somewhat expected, but surely some people are sad and/or pissed off about it, right?

… 2010? If you're like a lot of families on Christmas day, you picked up a new Xbox 360 or PS3. And yeah, I know you'll play it a lot more than you've led your wife to believe. But did you also know you can stream movies, music, and photos to your Xbox 360 or […]

Netflix Streaming on Computers

I'm not sure when Netflix removed the "Install Silverlight or streaming won't work on Macs," but I noticed last night that it now works in both Firefox and Safari. Yippee! It is installed, even though I never installed it. It's bundled with Office, though, and I'm guessing something else installed it along the way. Which […]

When you do a search on the site for Dick's Sporting Goods for something they don't have, I find it mildly insulting that they serve up an image of a referee giving you a penalty. Like it's my fault that you don't have anything that even closely resembles "pellet trap." Should I wait 2:00 in […]

As you may recall, I've been struggling with a new wireless network setup. It seems to me that some people might appreciate the ability to: Force 802.11n mode. Force 5 GHz mode. Choose a base station to connect to. The second might effectively do the first if a base station's "Radio Mode" was set to […]

For the first time in a long time I'm incredibly upset with an Apple product. Update: see the fourth comment. Derrr. I recently bought two AirPort Extreme Base stations to improve my home network. They've been nothing but trouble. They disconnect intermittently. Tonight I've restarted an episode of Dexter no less than eight frickin' times […]

I have a few headers that rotate on this blog, but on a few days with known dates (Thanksgiving doesn't qualify, but Halloween, my birthday, and Christmas do) I put in a special banner that lasts all day. Simple bit of code, really: switch(date('md')) { case '0101': return '_newyear'; break; case '0323': return '_birthday'; break; […]

DSLRU Coming Around

If you'd like to get an early peek at DSLRU, which will launch in January, visit today and sign up for the notifications. The domain name will eventually be of course.

Not as Hard as Hobey Baker

This is funny. BTW, Hobey Baker died December 21, 1918. Pretty clear to me that Steigy had read something that morning and it stuck in his head, then came out in the waning moments of a lousy, boring game. A lot of people think he should be fined or even fired, but if I was […]

Having read this piece at, I changed my Facebook settings primarily to "Only Friends." I recommend you take a good long look at your privacy settings there as well.

Work has begun on Cyndicate 2.0. New features already in place include: New article fetch system is in place. Much faster, and now processing of feeds is offloaded to an NSOperation to take advantage of Grand Central Dispatch, so new feeds will queue up for fetching while already fetched feeds are in the processing queue. […]

AirPort Extreme Question

Let me describe my network setup right now. I have a first-generation Time Capsule plugged into my cable modem. This provides my 802.11n network, "Netski." Plugged into that I have an 802.11g AirPort Express that provides an 802.11g network called "Getski." I have two remote WDS stations: one in the living room hooked to an […]

Erie on SNL

It gets there eventually. 😛 My high school - or more specifically my high school's mascot - was supposedly the #2 item on a David Letterman top 10 list for wimpiest or lamest mascots, but I haven't ever seen that video.

I'd never heard of this McConnell before, but this sounds about right: And here's the most outrageous part: at the end of this rush, they want us to vote on a bill that no one outside the Majority Leader's conference room has even seen. That's right. The final bill we'll vote on isn't even the […]