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Archive for January, 2011

As I build the website for Analyzr I wanted to point out quickly that Layers is worth every penny of the $24.95 it costs, and then some. As much as I love the built-in limitations of Apple's screen capture keystrokes, it simply can't do all that Layers can do ((Not to mention the fact that […]

Home Security Equipment

So what's that link right over here? ---------------> Someone offered me $210 to put it there for six months. I wrote the HTML, it's just a link with no JavaScript, and I can only assume they're paying to use some PageRank. I've gotten offers like this in the past but when I responded to the […]

Got an Elliptical

Wow. It was back in 2006 that Carey and I last looked for an elliptical machine. Since then I've put on, well, about ten pounds only, and it's my sedentary winter time period, so it's not bad. But still, we'd like to do a little work from home. After a fair amount of research, we […]

Adjusted to Mail

I ditched Entourage in favor of Mail back in November, and despite some early frustrations, I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. I now know where to put my cursor so that a backspace or forward space won't remove those bizarre quoting lines Mail uses. I've come to find tremendous joy in pasting […]

If I'm brief in my email replies, online a lot in the next three weeks, and up until 3am most nights, it's because we're really, really close to launching Analyzr. If you're interested in golf video analysis software for Mac OS X, sign up at and we'll let you know when the application is […]

Spotlight Save Failure

Really, Mac OS X? You can't find a file with the word "shaft" in it on the Desktop? Really?

Flight Changed

Ugh. Got a message yesterday on my phone that our flights back to Erie from Phoenix - which were to leave today at 9:30am - will now instead leave at 2:20pm. Our arrival time back in Erie was going to be about 9pm. Now we'll be lucky to be home before 2am. How is this […]

Played a Little Golf

Just nine holes. Was two over (testing out a face-on putter) until I started goofing around on the last hole. 😉 Played a fade as I focused on dorsiflexing the LW more to the top and cutting off the swing a little shorter, but it was a consistent little bleeder that worked well. Earlier in […]

Phoenix School, Day Two

Uh, the tumbleweeds whipping through the practice range were nice. I will say this (and please, my brevity is not because I have nothing to say, just in a bit of a time pinch), though: despite a strong left-to-right wind, very few balls faded more than five yards. In a still wind virtually EVERY ball […]

Phoenix School, Day One

So, we're in Phoenix (Goodyear), AZ to do a two-day golf school. It's not as warm as usual, but since it's about -16° C back home, I'll take what I can get… Here's Andy Patnou, rising star and fan of the way we teach at Golf Evolution, working with Andre Park, who came all the […]

Why Can’t We Walk Straight?

A Mystery: Why Can't We Walk Straight? from NPR on Vimeo.

Beer Cheaper Then Therapy

Spotted outside a beer distributor in Harborcreek… Beer: Still Cheaper Then a Dictionary. Or a brain.

I posted a quickie snapshot of the Analyzr website last night to the Facebook group and it drew some positive comments. It's heavily inspired by Apple's site, but has its own flavor as well. I won't finish it before this weekend, but it'll be ready well in advance of the product launch in early February. […]

Drobo Post Still Getting Hits

It's interesting to me that this Drobo post from late 2008 is still getting hits. But, then again, the information is pretty good and still relevant, so in that regard not surprising at all. The point of this post? Just to point that out and to say that my Drobo continues to hum along just […]

Growth vs. Fixed Mindsets

I bought a copy of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck based on the recommendation of a friend. I'm also reading a PDF called The Talent Myth. The former talks about how people tend to be either of a "Fixed Mindset" or a "Growth Mindset." The author posits that you can change […]