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Archive for January, 2011

Best Burger?


Where are the New MacBooks?

I know at least four people who are waiting on the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros to be announced and released. They're not in a rush - they just don't want to buy a computer and have it replaced by a better computer at the same or even a lower price a week or two […]

Since this post - the comments on which were tremendously helpful, both public and private, so thank you to those who helped - Dave and I have narrowed down the ideas we like for Analyzr's demo mode. Regardless of the option we choose, we'll have a watermark across the screen. It's fairly annoying, and looks […]

I've spent a few hours now banging my head against my desk and I'm no closer to figuring this out than I was at the beginning of the day. FastSpring's documentation (both versions) is horrible, but it's not outdone by AquaticPrime's documentation. FastSpring can run a version of AquaticPrime on its developer site. Unfortunately, I […]

Cell Phone Spam

I probably knew about Internet ((Email, basically.))-to-cell-phone spam before this article from David Pogue - or maybe I read it in 2008 - but after getting my second text message spam in about seven weeks ((No, they're not really flooding in, but this is how much it annoys me.)), I did some research. On AT&T, […]

In a few weeks, Analyzr will ship. It will come in two versions, eventually priced at $49.95 (Home) and $495 (Pro). As I see it, there are roughly four options for handling "demo" versions of an application like this. I hope to get some insight from some other Cocoa/Mac developers and even users as far […]

My YouTube Account is Soiled

Over the course of a four days I received two copyright notices regarding some of the videos on my YouTube page. One was a message telling me that if I did not respond and consider removing a few videos, they may file copyright claims against them. I responded, pointing out that I believe the videos […]

The Noun Project Symbols in the public domain, many of which could be used in software projects. They're all monotone black, but that's how you want 'em. They're also all .svg files, which may not be how you want 'em, but tough. 😉

When I was a kid I loved challenging myself with the Marilyn vos Savant columns. They often ran 2/3 of a page or more and contained some challenging questions. The Marilyn vos Savant of 2010 (and now 2011) appears to cater to… well, morons or something, because I haven't read a column in months - […]

I haven't seen anyone point this out yet - since Mac OS X 10.6.6 double-clicking an unknown file now presents this dialog box to the user: Hmmmmmmm.

The App Store is Here

The Mac App Store is here and I've downloaded Twitter (yay Tweetie 2.0! Boo that it doesn't do anything with the tweet: JavaScript!). There seem to be three ways to handle the transition: Here's a decent way to handle it: charge customers for the next version now at a discount. If they want to get […]

When the plumber came and started the installation of our three new toilets, he left three quarter turn valves from Hodes Co with me to install later on. I got brave, read up quickly on how to install compression fittings ((They seem like they could just slide right off the darn pipes! But they don't, […]

I'm looking for a Ruby on Rails developer with some design skills to build out version 2.0 of a site, namely taking it from "something we can use" to "something others can use." The project is a small one that shouldn't take very long and has a budget with a comma in it, but discussions […]

Vaccines and Autism

I'm of a scientific mind, and I've never seen a good study that says vaccines cause autism. I've seen countless studies that say they do not, so I'm inclined to believe that vaccines do not cause autism. But those who say autism is caused by vaccines say that big pharmaceutical companies are behind it all, […]

This Incident Will Be Reported

One of my favorite xkcds of all time,