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Archive for September, 2011

Preview has a Signature Option

This is interesting: you can scan your signature in Preview using your iSight camera. I'm not sure I'll ever use this feature but it's nifty anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰ From Finer Things in Mac.

Site Banners

No. I haven't updated the site's banners in YEARS. Might be a few more years until I do. The entire site's design could stand to be changed, but, well, it works just fine. ๐Ÿ˜€

Pipe Putting Thing

I'll eventually look to build this type of thing for putting, as soon as I can figure out how best to make it. I'm thinking that a hula hoop will work use fine.

Time-Warner Speed Bump

Since upgrading, I'm pleased with my upload speed:

DSLRU Design

Oftentimes I'll go back to a site I "designed" or helped to design months later and think "blech, that's terrible." Not so with DSLRU: Now I'm not saying these things are winning any awards or blowing anyone away, but they're well crafted, solid designs that I appreciate to this day. It'll be a […]

Wireless Webcam?

Does this product exist, and if so, where? What's the best one? I'd like a pair of webcams that: Can connect to a WiFi network. Can be plugged in to a standard power outlet. Can somehow broadcast or upload video and/or frequent still images somewhere for viewing outside the local network. Are reasonably priced. In […]

Osten Waite’s Swing

Born in the USA is not a patriotic song. The One I Love is not a song you dedicate to someone that you love, and Losing My Relgion has nothing to do with religion. Add others as you think of them in the comments.

Stan Utley on Putting

Good advice, all of it.

Putter Fitting with David Edel

SEO For Non-Dicks

SEO for Non-Dicks is a good piece summarized by: create original, relevant content repeatedly … make your siteโ€™s content trustworthy, genuine and relevant.


First, why isn't it "Qwixter"? Second, I get the "price adjustment." It makes sense, and though I've dropped DVDs by mail (regrettably - I simply never had the time to watch them when I had them), I retained the streaming. The creation of Qwikster virtually guarantees I will not ever sign up for both services […]

Mats are Ready

The opening of the downtown home for Golf Evolution is getting closer and closer…

Today was what may be, for a few years, an annual golf trip to Orchard Ponds. The idea is that we have a foursome comprised of Myself, Carey, Natalie, and Brandon. Natalie gets to play from the red tees on every hole, and will end up with a score. This year got off to a […]

2011 Pro-Assistant

Dave and I won the Pro-Assistant last year, and as defending champs, we put up a miserable defense, shooting 76 at Peek 'n Peak's Upper Course. The day got off to a lousy start when my putt did about 340° on the first hole and popped out, sitting on the lip. I later lipped from […]