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Archive for January, 2012

And Now the Work Begins

… right after I catch up on the stuff I missed last week. 😀

Home Again

From Instagram (follow me if you'd like - I'm "iacas"), this shot was from the seat of my puddlejumper on the PHI-ERI flight. It will be great to sleep in my bed again tonight.

Foggy Range

From Instagram (follow me if you'd like - I'm "iacas"), this was shot on the Watson range at Reunion Resort. Beau Rials was there. Good guy, and whether you know it or not, you've probably seen him in several infomercials. We were fit for wedges, hit some of our new irons (still to be made), […]

If Caught In Trunk, Pull, Leap, Run

From Instagram (follow me if you'd like - I'm "iacas"), this one amused the group of us. Seriously, huh? Pull the tab, hop out of the car, and run away? That's goofy. Additionally, I ran a 5K in Florida today. 3.14 miles in 29:27 IIRC. I definitely need to continue to practice my long runs. […]

Palms at Reunion

From Instagram (follow me if you'd like - I'm "iacas"), this shot was from the back of our house at Reunion resort as I sat by the pool. The picture is from a different day, as will most of the rest of the images. I'm backfilling. 🙂

Five Simple Keys®

Five Simple Keys® is now public knowledge.

Morning View of Florida

From Instagram (follow me if you'd like - I'm "iacas"), this shot was from the back of our house in an unfinished sub-development looking out over one of the courses (Nicklaus, I think) at Reunion resort. The foreground is mostly dirt with a few scrubby brushes and weeds, a reality nicely masked by whatever filter […]

Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes

Today we introduced a learning system for golf. I'll write more about that later, because the purpose of this post is simply to say that I played pretty well on the golf course. 🙂 I shot even par (from the white tees) despite not playing outside in months and despite not making a putt outside […]

Off to Florida for the PGA Show

I'm off to Florida shortly. We have an early flight but arrive before noon with a layover in Cleveland. Our return flights next Monday night will take us through Philadelphia. We're going in part to announce something called "5 Simple Keys" as well as to exhibit at the PGA Merchandise Show. I'll have more to […]

Robert Rock Golf Swing

Sh*t Ultrarunners Say

Following up on yesterday's post… It's not as funny.

Sh*t Barefoot Runners Say

This is funny. Not incredibly funny, but worth a chuckle. I don't see running without shoes, personally, but I do appreciate running in the VFFs I picked up recently in order to train some better form and will continue, I believe, running in somewhat minimalist shoes for quite ahwile.

iBooks Author Kerfuffle

I don't understand the kerfuffle over the iBooks Author EULA. Apple is not claiming rights to your text or illustrations. They're simply claiming that if you use their authoring tool to put together an interactive book, you must either give it away free or sell it via the iBookstore. If you want to use another […]

Continued Running Form Work

I'll keep this as short as I can. I've posted before on running form. During Couch to 5K training I actually tried to run almost exclusively on my forefoot, which resulted in straining my calves enough that I shut it down for 10 days and repeated the fifth week when I returned. In retrospect I […]

1BandID Arrived

The 1BandID I ordered after learning my blood type and first talked about on December 26 has arrived. It's just about exactly as I imagined, and it fits comfortably on my watch band, so I'm likely never to run without it - even indoors at the Y where my ID is likely to be in […]