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Archive for February, 2012

Leap Day 2012

I know it's just a Wednesday, and making Leap Day a worldwide holiday would be irresponsible and silly, but then again, why not? Who doesn't need a little more silliness in their day to day lives?

Uhm, so, yeah.

Monthly Parking Avaliable

I love when large signs like this have relatively obvious typos that go unchanged for months and months and months.

Red Wine Drinker

I've decided that, three or four times a week, I'd like to drink a small glass of red wine (finishing off one bottle per week). I'll drink late at night when I'm sitting on the couch to watch a little TV (typically around 11 or 12) as I settle down before going to bed. I've […]

Malkin’s Coast to Coast Goal

This helped to make my afternoon quite fun. Malkin's second of three goals (for a hat trick) in an 8-1 Penguins victory.

Last one on Mountain Lion for awhile. Promise. Ten exciting system changes in Mountain Lion: Sharing, sharing, everywhere (meh) Many computers, one account (Does that mean I can sync Keychains again?) iCloud-y documents (meh) Screen sharing: Now with draggable files (Good. I'll use that.) Multi-disk backup (Can't hurt. I should get another disk.) One-stop software […]

Mail in Mountain Lion

From MacWorld: Inline Find - Great Notifications in rules and selective notifications - Awesome VIPs - Woohoo! No more RSS - Took 'em long enough! Love all the changes. P.S. Get Cyndicate for your RSS reading.

Entrepreneurial Kids

I love commercials with entrepreneurial kids. I was always selling things as a kid - homemade pot-holders, baseball cards in my neighborhood, ice cream social tickets, candy bars - and was quite good at it.

Jesper has some good points about the loose ends Apple has yet to answer. Daniel Jalkut asks Apple to Fix the Sandbox, which isn't really Mountain Lion specific, but is still looming ((Even with the pushed-back - again - deadline, it's looming.)). I'm not keen on his suggestions, but they started a discussion so they're […]

This image makes complete sense: FWIW I don't pirate things. I sell software, so I think it'd be incredibly hypocritical to steal things while expecting others to pay me for awesome software. That said, I no longer watch DVDs anymore, either, and were I to begin pirating, I'd probably start with DVDs. Disney - […]

Rivet is dead, so what is the recommended software now for streaming movies (mostly movies, maybe some music) from your Mac to your PS3 and XBox 360?

John Gruber's Take on the Announcement MacWorld's Article (Actually a bunch of articles) Panic's article on Gatekeeper (Though I think calling the current OS X "like having a jailbroken iPhone" is a bit of a reach.) FWIW, I like a lot of the changes in Mountain Lion. P.S. Notes on OS X, eh? Good, but […]

News is just now coming out about Gatekeeper in Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8). It sounds like a reasonable compromise, but my concern is that this is a stepping stone towards Apple locking down Mac development even further. A quote about sacrificing liberties for a little protection and deserving neither springs to mind. Still, I'm […]

iOS ’86

Love it! If this were somehow an Easter Egg in iOS, I'd enable it right away. Wait, remember Easter Eggs? Six hours of Googling all the classics later… Ah, Easter Eggs. Good times. Good times.

A Different Kind of Apple Book

Perhaps when I'm done reading Steve Jobs I'll read the new Apple Book by Ken Segall. It looks good.