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Archive for June, 2012

Time to Catch Up Again

Time to catch up again! 😀

iCal Keeps Launching

The fix? Turn off the "Push" setting. Thanks to MJTsai and others for this. P.S. I bought a license for Fantastical. Their 50% off deal got me.

Cool. Also, here's a very good article on concussions as they relate to Crosby.

Get them here!!!

This article was a fascinating read, and focused primarily on how to render the main character's hair in Pixar's new movie Brave.

FlipBook HD

FlipBook HD is now available, and it's pretty sweet. If you own an iPad, check it out for sure. Here's a cool animation, for example. Great for kids or adults who like to sketch and doodle.

Evolution of Man

Two versions, same theme. I think I like the second one better (first one courtesy of Zero Drop). The second, well, it's on the wall here.

The New AirPort Express

It's quite nice. 😀

You can grab it for $99 or so. Here's a video: Medicus 5 Simple Keys from GolfshopCentral on Vimeo. If you want to get better at golf, buy this DVD today! Here's a bit more on the DVDs themselves and a forum thread discussing the 5 Simple Keys® themselves.

Shift-Option for Finer Control

Michael Tsai shares the tip that holding down shift and option can control the volume level and brightness to a finer degree. Four extra steps, to be precise.

Decision: Refurbished Mac Pro

I decided to go with my "stopgap Mac" plan. I'll pick up a refurbished Mac Pro to tide me over until the new ones ship. Current rates are 15% off, which isn't terrible (nor is it great). I'll just move the hard drives over (and possibly the lower SuperDrive, as my current Mac Pro has […]

Levitating Slinky

Via Kottke and with more information here.

Some Memes are Worth Missing

Uhm, okay.

Well, that didn't take long. True to form, once I began investigating water softeners, I spent a LOT of time researching, obsessing, and becoming as knowledgeable as I could. In the end, after speaking with Bill Cook at CAI Technologies, I have decided to buy a water softener myself and have it installed by a […]

For years our dishes have been slowly getting cloudy, our shower heads have been getting deposits on them, and we haven't gotten a good lather from shampoos or soaps. Suffice to say we're looking into a water softener. Going rates seem to be about $2200 installed, and $15 every two months or so for salts. […]