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Archive for April, 2014

Some Random Bits and Bobs

Introducing Pop, the animation engine behind Paper (Facebook) BASIC turns 50 (50!) The Origin of Smalltalk’s Select, Reject, and Inject The absurdity of LinkedIn Our 1Password Watchtower service is now looking out for you, right in 1Password for Mac Burying the URL

Booing Robinson Cano

Funny: Booing practice: Robinson Cano stuns Yankees fans who heckle on 'Tonight Show'

ReadKit? NetNewsWire?

PulpFiction was great. Cyndicate was even better. But now neither are really no more, and it's only a matter of time before Cyndicate stops working. That will be a sad day for at least two or three people. Namely myself, Brad, and one other person I know who loves Cyndicate. I love how feeds are […]

Nomos Watchmaking

Bad Car UI

This is a particularly bad example: Car UI. It's not news that Apple's CarPlay is re-igniting the discussion about just how bad the UX is in most modern vehicles. A friend of mine works on the UX for Tesla, though, and if I had to choose a car with the best UX, it may be […]

Apple’s Wearable a Smart Band?

Apple and Nike are gearing up for a big announcement this fall? I dunno. Tempted to say "I'll pass."

a) 10.10? I forgot that with Mavericks being 10.9 we were about to find out whether we were getting "Mac OS XI" or what… b) Apparently we have to get ready for Helvetica Neue according to Craig Hockenberry. That's fine. I think Analyzr can handle it.

Apple on the Environment

The Invention of the AeroPress and a bunch of other little details about inventing, trial and error, business, etc. P.S. Apparently the preferred method of brewing is upside down:

AdSense Opt-Out

Friendly reminder: you can go to to opt out of a lot of Google Ads tracking. I kept seeing ad after ad for HostGator (enough that I will now strongly not consider using HostGator for anything), and quickly opted out to clear those from my computer. In general I don't mind ad tracking. I'd […]

The Insides of Golf Balls

You can check out 20 pictures here. I've seen them all before (not those specific pictures… but the insides of golf balls cut in half), but they're still cool to see.

REM Unplugged from Record Store Day on Vimeo. I oarked just as the store opened, walked in just after the last person who had waited in line entered, and snagged the only copy of R.E.M. Unplugged that the store had. I was back in my car and on the road again within three minutes. So… […]

MAKE has a story on How I Got My Job as a Lego Designer. If I had known that was a thing, I may have beat him to the punch… Gosh I loved playing with Lego as a kid.

How Americans Die

How Americans Die. It's a nice presentation. With some surprising information on suicide in particular.

Yeah, on Android. It's a bit of a neat trick, since they can't exactly have a very big aperture, but it seems to be "okay."