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Want to remove your account from many online services? Just Delete Me is a directory of direct links to delete your account from web services.

Lex tells you how to use different DNS servers for specific domains.

Yahoo’s New Logo

Probably the best article on the hideous new Yahoo logo.

How Long Should Passwords Be?

I use 1Password (though I'll check out iCloud Keychain when Mavericks and iOS 7 ship), and they recommend… longer than they currently are, most likely.

Why Steve Ballmer's Early Retirement Is My Own Greatest Failure. Yes, that's the actual title. My last in person meeting with Steve Ballmer was in 2002. I remember it more distinctly because I had just thrown my back out and was in extreme pain. However, I was also the Senior Fellow for Forrester, which had […]

New YouTube Logo – Never Mind

Brand New: New Logo for YouTube Meh. I think it sucks. Update: Never mind. They're not changing it.

πfs (pi filesystem)

One of the properties that π is conjectured to have is that it is normal, which is to say that its digits are all distributed evenly, with the implication that it is a disjunctive sequence, meaning that all possible finite sequences of digits will be present somewhere in it. If we consider π in base […]

Shell Scripting Primer

If you know a programming language, but don't know how to craft your own shell scripts, this resource from Apple is for you.

Siri takes initiative to learn how to pronounce names in iOS 7. Great. Big freakin' deal. Siri still can't spell the word "Erik" any way other than "Eric," on my phone or the phones of my friends, and there's no way to teach it to do so. If your name is Michele with one "l"? […]

Read Receipts

Ars writer Casey Johnston on Why I hate read receipts: The cases above are real, but it's safe to say that most messages are written to be responded to. Therefore, when someone doesn't respond to your message, it can be a blow to your ego. What was wrong with what you said? Too flip? Too […]

How stupid are some companies? Seriously? The tweets look completely real, but SFGate discovered that while the Twitter users who are featured are real, their tweets are not. The users featured raving about TV commercials never said anything of the kind, and were unaware their profile pics and accounts were being presented in a post […]

TUAW has the story: But then a funny thing happened. Last week, Verizon reported its earnings results from Q2 2013 and the results were better than what most analysts were expecting. Last quarter, Verizon activated 7.5 million smartphones, of which 3.8 million units were iPhones. Put differently, nearly 51% of all smartphones Verizon activated last […]

Copying Apple

Like it's 1984 all over again! Samsung (as always), and even Google.

Dropbox is bringing the Chooser, Saver, and the Datastore API to iOS and Android. Nice. And still ahead of iCloud. 😛

iOS 7 Type

There's a lot being said about the typography in iOS 7. For example… It's still in beta, so things can change.