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Child of the 90s

I won't be using Internet Explorer any time soon, but the ad was fun.

Retina Quality Favicons

From John Gruber: Old (non-retina) favicons are 16 × 16 px; a retina favicon is thus 32 × 32 px. The lazy way to support retina is to replace your old 16 px favicon.ico file with a 32 px file, and allow non-retina browsers to scale the image. The proper solution, however, is to create a single favicon.ico file […]

The APC Back-UPS RS 1500VA LCD that I got in July, 2008 (product page) has served me well. It's an 865 Watt, 1500 VA unit that gives me around 18 minutes or so of battery powered backup when it's new. A few weeks ago we lost power, and my computer didn't last very long. When […]

CrashPlan or BackBlaze?

CrashPlan is more customizable (and has whole-house coverage) and BackBlaze is a better Mac OS X client. John Siracusa recommends them both equally. I have three computers (currently) that I'd like to back up off-site: My Mac Pro with a lot of stuff (four internal hard drives attached, though only two are non-backup drives) My […]


A funny tale of how one enterprising geek got a license plate that read  . 🙂

Stop Fixing Font Smoothing

Typically, a browser knows best what to do on its own, so stop fixing font smoothing.

Pinterest Explained

Found somewhere on the Internet: Pinterest is porn for women. They (male scientists) finally figured out how to get women to use the Internet for something other than shopping, and it is Pinterest. It's shopping without buying. Pretty brilliant.

Winamp’s Woes

Winamp's woes: how the greatest MP3 player undid itself is a good little article. I remember MacAMP too and the drama and stuff around that. I even wrote some plugins for MacAMP when it was - I kid you not - MacAST. Many of the people behind that app went on to found Unsanity, which […]

This article was a fascinating read, and focused primarily on how to render the main character's hair in Pixar's new movie Brave.

The New AirPort Express

It's quite nice. 😀

Windows 8 Video

April 1 on a Sunday

Does this mean we can escape the normal boringness of various sites having pranks? Pretty please? Have any of them ever actually been funny?

Instagram – the New Blog

People used to post pictures of their cats and what they had for lunch on their blogs. Then Twitter came about, and people used that to post pictures of their cats and tell everyone what they had for lunch. Now, we have Instagram for that. What's next in the cats/lunch series of technology?

Tempted to Buy this Keyboard

The Matias Tactile Pro is not only an "old school" keyboard for the Mac, but with the press of a button it becomes a keyboard which will type on your iPhone. Sweet - I do a lot of typing here on my Mac Pro and will get texts or whatnot from friends. $200, though? Bah. […]

This image makes complete sense: FWIW I don't pirate things. I sell software, so I think it'd be incredibly hypocritical to steal things while expecting others to pay me for awesome software. That said, I no longer watch DVDs anymore, either, and were I to begin pirating, I'd probably start with DVDs. Disney - […]