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Apple’s iOS 7

Just a few links from around the web: iOS 7 - Matt Gemmell Michael Tsai - Blog - iOS 7 Design Requiem for a Back Button Manton Reece: Multiplane

Jony Ive Heading Software

Can Jony Ive lead a software team? Gruber thinks yes. I think we'll have to wait and see, but signs point to yes.

All the Mashed Potatoes

Daring Fireball: All the Mashed Potatoes: Microsoft gets a lot of heat for not leaving enough on the table for others. My mother, who's English, and quite a character, once said of Bill Gates, "He sounds like someone who would come to your house for dinner and say, ‘Thank you. I think I'll have all […]

Google Versus Everyone

Daring Fireball: Google Versus Larry Page, on stage at I/O today: Every story I read about Google is “us versus some other company” or some stupid thing, and I just don’t find that very interesting. We should be building great things that don’t exist. Being negative isn’t how we make progress. Most important things are […]

Flickr Redesigns

What The New Flickr Means For Free and Pro Users In other news, Flickr is apparently still around.

Trials in iOS Apps

Here's a great solution for App store trials. Get on this, Apple. It is the best solution I've seen yet.

I bet you never thought that since adding actual movies to sites is somewhat complex ((What with non-widespread adoption of the media tag and all)) so people are reverting to making animated GIFs of scenes so that all devices and browsers can display them. Say what? Yes. It's true.

Read this if you want a reasonably intelligent observation of "open" and "closed" in the computing space; in particular, as it applies to Apple.

Google vs. Apple

Daring Fireball: When All You Have Is an 'Apple Is Doomed Without Steve Jobs' Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail So a product from Google that currently exists only as a pre-announced demo and somewhat-imminent $1500 developer preview — from the company that brought us the Nexus Q and Google TV — shows that Apple […]

iCloud Email Filtering

I use MobileMe iCloud email, and always have, but not for "mission critical" emails. Chuq explains why. Free Service's new direction. I still don't see the appeal of Twitter's been fine, and nobody I want to hear from is exclusively on

Steve’s Funniest Moments

Sharing on Dropbox

Good stuff: The right way to share a file or bunch of files using Dropbox. I happened to know all of this, and use Dropbox fairly extensively, but it's a short read and you may learn something. Dropbox would really do well to add some sort of ability to let people SEE the contents, use […]

Much more is written about this here, but basically: Regulation Time Win: 3 Points Overtime/Shootout Win: 2 Points Overtime/Shootout Loss: 1 Point Regulation Time Loss: 0 Points DO IT! 🙂

Courier Prime is Free

I love me some free fonts. And I don't care if it's made for screenplays. 🙂