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I don't care about it. Not one bit. It's a netbook with less functionality than a netbook. The OS is a browser, and in my opinion, we ain't there yet. I don't need two cars, but I don't need a bike, either. I need a car and… whatever my iPhone is in this particular metaphor.

‘Who Searched’ on Facebook

Funny, isn't it, how the "see who searched for you" ad on the right side of about 1/4 of the Facebook pages I look at always shows some 19-year old semi-trampy looking chick with cleavage and minimal clothing, isn't it? C'mon, Facebook. Are people that dumb? Please don't answer that.

WordPress Stats on your iPhone

If you like to check your WordPress stats from your iPhone, you may like Statistics for WordPress, an iPhone app by Ben Barnett. He sent a copy to me for free. I added this blog quickly and then waited for the stats to download. They did, and they proved interesting, with a few different views […]

Microsoft in a Nutshell

Alternative title: "Everything Wrong with Microsoft": Seriously? P.S. Microsoft even poached store managers: Lisa at Apple, Lisa at MSFT (thanks ap).

I like the recommendations. I've always used SoundTrack Pro, but I may look at getting a boom, an XLR mic, and the M-Audio stuff eventually. On the bright side, my wireless mic finally shipped. It should be here Monday.

Apple’s New Stuff

Let's see… I don't need an iMac. We have three laptops and one Power Mac already. I use my Xbox 360 and Rivet to stream movies and music and things to my TV, so I don't need a Mac Mini. We just got a MacBook, so we don't need that. A new remote? I can […]

As I tweeted, I'd like to host an online moderated chat tomorrow and I'm looking for some recommendations on some good websites to use. I'd like to host a chat tomorrow with two guests who can talk freely and x "viewers" who can ask (moderated) questions. Recommendations? The fall-back plan is to ditch the guests […]

Adium 1.4b9 was released on August 21 of this year. Since then, no updates of any kind have been released. I use Adium because it works reasonably well, looks the way I like, and I chat with people on various networks (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, etc.) regularly. In later versions, however, I tend to wake […]

I love my Harmon Kardon Soundsticks. The last time I wrote about them was in this post when I re-did my office (painted, curtains). The image from that post is: Today I was glad to see that someone else loves his Soundsticks too.

Date My Avatar

Funny. It was the top item in the "related videos" on this video, which is worth watching as well.

Does anyone out there have an older iPod in good shape? We're looking for one (even 8 GB should do), specifically one of the ones in this image. They're listed as supported iPods on this page. The wife's iPhone works, but it asks to be put into airplane mode every time you plug it in […]

Microsoft the Marketer

I used to joke that Microsoft wasn't an engineering (or software) company, it was a marketing company. These days, it seems even that's not true, and I agree with John's assessment in his latest fireball. But then again, what do you expect when you hire a former Wal-Mart exec to be your COO?


Is Backblaze as good as I'm hearing? $50/year for unlimited backups? I realize you need the upload speed to do it - which may be my limiting factor (~750 kbps up) - but other than a problem with your Internet speeds… it works?

How Many iPhone Apps?

How many iPhone apps do you have in iTunes? How many screens on your iPhone (or iPod Touch)? I've got 58 applications, some of which are NOT on my iPhone because I don't like them (but haven't gotten around to deleting them from iTunes). My iPhone has four screens ((The third page has one hole, […]

Free Web Hosting

Does anyone know of a good free web host? I'd like to recommend one to a few people but the last time I had to look for a free web host was… never. So, any good ((Good == minimal or no advertising, FTP access. No need for PHP, ASP, MySQL, etc. - plain old HTML […]