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Upgraded Dropbox

Despite the fact that I still think the upgrades are too large, I've upgraded my Dropbox account to the 50 GB plan. I previously had 7.8 GB1 and now, oddly, have 61.2 GB2. If you'd like to sign up for Dropbox - and you should - just click this link: I believe it's 7 […]

Ordered an iPod Nano and TikTok

I held off on getting a Tik-Tok and an iPod Nano a few months ago because I didn't see the point of having a watch that wasn't on most of the time. And earlier today I ordered a green iPod Nano and a Tik-Tok (the less expensive one). Why? Because the 1 GB iPod Shuffle […]


I've transferred my domains from GoDaddy to the registrar I used the guide from Jeff Epstein and thus probably gave him a buck or two in referral fees. I saved about $1.90 per domain by using the coupon code SOPAsucks, as mentioned on the NameCheap Coupons site. The one step that's not listed in […]

Great little post on one of the limitations in scrolling in a browser by Tim Bray. I hate what he's talking about. It happens all the time. If web pages can't be made to extend perhaps a browser could optionally show you a line or something for a few seconds when you hit space bar […]

iTunes Match? I Have One Question.

iTunes Match debuted today. I don't care that it's "late" because I'm not sure I care to pony up the $24.99. My only mobile device is an iPhone. Though I suppose I can now play all the music on my MacBook Air, too, without actually copying my entire library over there. My entire library is […]

So True

This comic is so true: I try to adopt the position (typically with writing an AppleScript or shell script to automate something) that I need to do that thing frequently enough that I'll be "in the black" time savings wise inside of about the next three weeks or so, give or take. Extra points are […]

Time-Warner Speed Bump

Since upgrading, I'm pleased with my upload speed:

Wireless Webcam?

Does this product exist, and if so, where? What's the best one? I'd like a pair of webcams that: Can connect to a WiFi network. Can be plugged in to a standard power outlet. Can somehow broadcast or upload video and/or frequent still images somewhere for viewing outside the local network. Are reasonably priced. In […]

SEO For Non-Dicks

SEO for Non-Dicks is a good piece summarized by: create original, relevant content repeatedly … make your site’s content trustworthy, genuine and relevant.

Time-Warner Internet Speed

I'd give up half of my download speed to double my upload speed. 😛

Anyone out there know of a good Brainy Smurf icon? I'll even take an easily extractable image. One that's a bit larger than the one on the Wikipedia page.

Google: Evil or Not?

Google: Evil or Not? Evil Not Evil View Results

I just got the thing on February 4 and the battery is already dead? Great. Then again, they were the junky no-name batteries. Perhaps a pair of Duracells will last longer than a few months.

Who Falls for This?

Sir/Madam, we have logged your IP-address on more than 40 illegal Websites. Important: Please answer our questions! The list of questions are attached. Attachment: "" Seriously, who falls for this kind of crap?

Thunderbolt Looks Cool

An article from Macworld explains all. Looks pretty awesome.