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Holes in Spaces

I agree with these, from an article named "Holes in Spaces": You explicitely ask for a different desktop: using one of the keyboard shortcuts or using the F8 Exposé-like mode. You switch to an application that you have chosen to attach to a specific desktop (e.g. you might want all you Mail stuff to stay […]

Leopard’s Unliked Features

I'll likely have a "most liked" feature poll in a week or so, but for now, you get to bag on Leopard a little: Which new Leopard feature do you dislike the most? Stacks Folder Dock Icons appearing as their contents Translucent Menu iTunes-ification of Finder windows The Dock's appearance Folder Icons (the "recycled blue" […]

Spaces/Sheet Bug in Leopard

In using MarsEdit, I noticed what I at first thought was a bug in MarsEdit, but which turns out to be a bug or a usability flaw in Mac OS X 10.5 regarding Spaces. I contacted Daniel Jalkut, and he put together a test application (TestSpaces) that displays the behavior simply: Open a TextEdit window […]


I hadn't noticed this subtle shift in the way Leopard "wishes" people to handle Input Managers until I noticed Speed Download's "For Leopard 10.5 ONLY" folder. It contains a readme telling people to run a script that does in part: sudo cp -pR "$BASE_PATH" /Library/InputManagers sudo cp -pR "$BASE_PLUGIN_PATH" /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins sudo chown -R root:admin […]

YazSoft’s Speed Download

Two nights ago I read someone's suggestion to use Speed Download to pull down the 6.7 GB Leopard disk image from ADC. I'd previously used a few other download managers/accelerators, but Speed Download seems to have separated itself lately, and I figured I'd give it a shot. It turned out to be a worthy investment: […]

It doesn't seem to work. It's hung my system a few times. One of the posters on Apple's discussion forums says: I'm having the same problem, and am surprised to see such a simple thing not working in a final release of OS X. Also, there doesn't seem to be any point to there being […]

Upgraded to Leopard

I've upgraded to Leopard. Here are my thoughts on the process, a few of the new features that have struck me already, and the general minutae. My Process I did an "Archive and Install." I figured what little "extra" crap (like USB Overdrive, which I've re-installed) outside of my User folder I could re-install. It […]

Annoying Safari “Bug”

When you download a .dmg that contains an application, Safari1 warns you that it "may contain an application." You're given two buttons: "Cancel" and "Continue". It annoys me that, when you choose "Cancel," what appears to be a worthless ".download" file remains in your Downloads folder. You can double-click it to "complete" the download2. This […]

300 New Features in Leopard!

Which of the 300 new features in Leopard do you care about more than the others?

There’s an Opera in my Bridge

Today I accidentally hit shift-cmd-U. Opera - yeah, that Opera - launched. I quit Opera and looked in my Applications folder for a copy. Failing to find one, I performed a search. I threw away a few Opera preferences folders but found no Opera application. So I hit shift-cmd-U again… and used the dock menu […]

Pre-Ordering Leopard

I pre-ordered Leopard on June 20, 2007 at Today when I saw the price had dropped to $109 from $129, I checked my pre-order. It still said $129 and that it would ship on November 1-3. So I cancelled my long-standing pre-order and ordered again - at $109 and with shipping on or before […]

TextExpander 2.0

With the release of TextExpander 2.0, I've made the switch from TypeIt4Me. I hung with Ti4M for its entire lifetime, but the developer is unresponsive at this time and TextExpander's feature set has surpassed TypeIt4Me's. They've made my previous comments about TypeIt4Me outdated. Turns out TextExpander still can't do some of the things TypeIt4Me has […]

WireTap Studio Released

WireTap Studio has been released. I competitively upgraded from Fission, which I never use, but will likely still use Audio Hijack Pro to continue to record the Golf Talk Podcasts. I've finally got a pretty good setup wherein I can record myself in one channel, the other hosts in another channel, and adjust the gain […]

Not Quite That Simple

John Gruber writes about iPhone users who have unlocked their iPhones and feel "screwed" because they have a sense of entitlement. John takes steps to illustrate the differences between a hardware modification and a software modification. His example of a software modification is replacing a kernel extension with another older version. John then claims that […]

Trillian to Mac OS X?

Huh? Why? I'll just keep on keepin' on with Adium.