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QuickTime Player Keyboard Focus Bug

I've come across a bug in QuickTime Player, and only yesterday while watching about 40 of Aperture 2.0's tutorial videos did I discover how to reproduce the bug 100%. This bug certainly existed under 10.5.1 (and prior to QuickTime 7.4.1), but remains today under 10.5.2 and the latest system software and QuickTime updates. Anyway, here's […]

Office:2008 Re-Registration?

I've received my copy of Office:2008. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to un-register the previous version. I was using a friend's code (you get three licenses with the Home and Student Edition) and I'd like to free it up for her and use my own registration codes. No idea how. I tried deleting files […]

Hiding Time Machine Volumes

Pretty easy: SetFile -a V '/Volumes/Mimzy' Lowercase 'v' returns the disk to visibility.

Entourage:2008 Quick Notes

You can edit the toolbars! Yay! My first attempts to drag the stupid stupid "mini buttons" that allow you to switch from Mail view to "To Do" view and the other three or four views failed, but then I successfully removed it by editing "" and removing each of the lines that contained ".navcontrol." What's […]

Aperture 2.0 Rumors and Predictions

Could be tomorrow, or certainly in about eight days, that Apple will release Aperture 2.0. Anyone willing to post some rumors or predictions (not wishlists, which even I have done to death)? My only prediction at this point is that we're going to see some really tight Flickr integration. My reasons for guessing at this […]

Waiting on Office:2008

As I (thought I'd) mentioned before, I bought another copy of Office:2004 (Teacher/Student) edition on Black Friday and took advantage of two deals: a $100 rebate (Best Black Friday Deal Ever) and a free ($6.99 S&H) upgrade to Office:2008 (Super Suite Deal). The $100 rebate check has already arrived (and been cashed), but I'm still […]

My Macworld 2K8 Thoughts in Brief

Time Capsule Great idea, good price, but it won't fit into my network without being redundant. I may still get one depending on the feasibility of a few options (see the end of the linked post). Revised AppleTV Great idea, good price, but it won't fit into my network without being redundant. My receiver's 3 […]

Macworld 2K8 Predictions

Post them here (and before the keynote starts) if you want to take credit for them. I don't have any predictions myself1, but I will say this: if there's a thin MacBook of some kind at about $1500 to $1700, I may just buy two (especially given Screen Sharing in Leopard). I have a 20% […]

MacBook Air

You know, I still haven't quite adjusted to calling them MacBooks. Though I despise the name less now than before, I still wish the "PowerBook" name lived on and I think "Air" is a pretty hippie-sounding name for a computer, real or imaginary. With Adium logs showing the product it seems like an even bigger […]

Numbers Graphing Question

Simple question: is there any way for Numbers to display this data with the data spread out accordingly? The dates and times aren't evenly spaced, but I'd like them to be. Ideally I'd also like to plot the high and low values (perhaps as a box) and then connect the averages with a line. So […]

Just now I noticed that I'm no longer able to adjust the brightness of my display (a 23" Cinema hooked up to a Radeon X1900 XT). Mac Pro, quad 3.0 GHz, 10.5.1. When I open the Displays preferences, there's simply no brightness slider. When I press the buttons on my keyboard (F1/F2), nothing happens. When […]

Warp through Spaces

Warp allows you to move your mouse to the edge of your screen in order to switch spaces. The default 0.75 seconds seems just about perfect, and I think the app will come in handy those times when I'm not really using the keyboard. It's also another example of the kind of functionality "power users" […]

This morning I deleted "WebKit" (which I'd renamed "Safari"). I restored a copy of Safari from earlier yesterday morning. I launched it. Attempts to open a URL from another application or to "Reopen Windows From Last Session" all result in one simple error in the console: 12/20/07 1:09:24 pm Safari[358] *** -[NSCFArray insertObject:atIndex:]: attempt to […]

SunSpider and JavaScript Speed

I ran SunSpider with Safari 3.0.4 and the latest WebKit nightly. The results in a nutshell? The new JavaScript engine in the WebKit nightly build (Dec.19) is 2.83x as fast as that in Safari 3.0.4. ** TOTAL **: *2.83x as slow* 3021.6ms +/- 0.7% 8554.6ms +/- 0.2% significant I'm considering running the Safari nightly builds […]

Today I launched Aperture to do some quick photo picking (you'll notice some new blog header images). The menus were blank. I had an Apple and nothing else. Though I could export (via the keyboard shortcut), none of the popup menus in the export panel even worked. So I set about figuring out what was […]