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Thanks John. Guess I can knock that one off my "Top 10 Safari Issues" list soon.

Touch Switch Control

Ahh, salvation! Thanks to a MacInTouch1 post, I can disable the touch-sensitive buttons on the front of my Cinema display. I don't know how many times I've accidentally put my computer to sleep by brushing the power button. If you hold down command and shift when you open the "Displays" system preferences item, a third […]

May 2

I think May 2 will be an interesting day. Jamie packs up and moves out of her dorm, and I have unusual evening plans (not with Jamie, though I guess she'll be at the same place as me). But anyway, that's all I really have to say about that for now. I think something may […]

Safari’s Auto-Complete

Add this one to my Top 10 Safari Issues: the auto-completion of shortcuts. I type "hns/" which expands to "" via TypeIt4Me about a billion times a day, and every time, before I can even press enter, Safari's auto-completed it to some other page (typically my MovableType installation). I'm seriously contemplating using Camino or OmniWeb […]

New Apple Store

Jamie notes the new She's a bit polite with "I can't say it's much of an improvement." I would tend to agree. It looks a bit cluttered. I hope that customers will find it useful, but I miss the big blocky "click me!" icons for each of Apple's four main hardware products. At least […]

Safari Window Sizing

Annoyed that Safari sometimes forgets your preferred window size? Here's an AppleScript (great for ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Safari) and a bookmarklet that will resize your browser windows for you.

My Top 10 Safari Issues

I, like many, have been using Safari for some time now. I've compiled a list of my top 10 feature requests and bugs. It's reassuring to know that many of my top features/bugs are also on the list of most duplicated bug reports/feature requests. Is Safari still a beta? Yes, simply because Apple says so. […]

OmniGraffle 3 Icons: UGH!

How do I feel about OmniGraffle Pro 3's icons? Let's see, to put it bluntly, UGH! Rick Roe still works for Omni Group, doesn't he? This Rick Roe, the one with the icon design site? The icon to the right is an OmniGraffle 3 Pro (is there a difference) icon. I expected more from Omni. […]

OmniGraffle Pro 3

Buzz over at Sci-Fi Hi-Fi Fe-Fi Fo-Fum really likes OmniGraffle 3.0. While I like OmniGraffle, I'm not sure I'd throw myself into the "I Love It!" crowd. It's always been a bit slow, and my biggest problem with 3.0 is apparently Buzz's favorite: As a Cocoa developer, I must also admit (over the certain protests […]

Apple Q2 Nets $14M

Apple profits to the tune of $14M in its second quarter. Apple today posted a net profit of US$14 million, or 4 cents per diluted share, for its fiscal 2003 second quarter ended March 29, 2003. I fully expect their stock to drop 50 cents on the news tomorrow, cuz, y'know, that's how the stock […]

Safari 1.0 Beta 2

I'm off to run some errands for a few hours, but I wanted to point out that Safari 1.0 Beta 2 is available here or via Software Update. Will write more later. I've been using later versions for awhile now and I'm curious if some crashes, etc. that I've continued to have ( crashes Safari […]

Lisa to Mac OS X

Have a look at this: Where'd that come from? Early sketches of Mac OS X? NeXT? Try the Lisa. There's more Lisa information here.

iTunes Remote via SSH

I'm about to go into my living room to read a book (see previous post), but I wanted to continue to play my iTunes songs and control them. Then it dawned on me: I've got a lot of shell scripts to do this for me! Tucked away in ~/Documents/Stuff/MiscShellScripts (which I've added to my path) […]

Steven of Panic is pointing out that there are now three different kinds of metal window widgets. Hell, I'm still irked that my Sunken Metal Widgets Bug remains in place in 10.2.5. OS updates are supposed to fix bugs, not introduce new ones. Apple surely knows about these things, and it's silly that they're not […]

Deatherage a Doozy?

It seems Matt Deatherage's May1 article, the one following his error-laden April article, has also caused some debate, this time with Watson developer Dan Wood. I personally think Dan's constant whining2 is unfounded - Sherlock 3 prototypes and code were written well before he began work on Watson - but his points in this article […]