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The Service Menu

The Services menu in Mac OS X suffers from two main problems: It's not customizable Nobody knows where it is It seems to me that if the Service Menu were put in the top-right corner of the menu bar (à la the Scripts menu) and it were configurable to remove services from applications I never […]

MSN for the Mac

Just got an email: just went up. Speaketh Andy: "who in their right mind uses msn?" I don't know.

iWant iSkin

I want one of these. Unfortunately, I don't know if it's worth $25 to me. Any chance those people will send me one? I'd post again later saying how much I liked it, I promise I would… 🙂 Actually, I just mentioned to Matt that we're probably not too far off from this. After all, […]

More on “Not a Bug”

I should have written a bit more clearly in my previous article on this "bug" (note the quotes), but having failed to do so previously, I'll do so now. This behavior (allowing you to replace a folder with a file) is not a bug, but the dialog could be worded better. Flat out not allowing […]

My New Mouse

I'm giving a new mouse a go: the Logitech MX-700. It's an eight-button (or more if you want to count click-scrolling) wireless rechargeable mouse. It feels about the right weight, and slides effortlessly on my desk. It's (temporarily at least) replacing a Kensington Optical Elite, a five button mouse. I'm a big fan of having […]

Apple’s Death, Part 971,321

From the "Give me a Freakin' Break" department: Going by the numbers, Apple Computer Inc. appears headed for trouble again. While CEO Steven P. Jobs engineered a remarkable comeback after retaking the helm in 1997, one-time expenses, such as plant closures, have pushed the company into the red for two quarters running. Originally found at […]

Not a Bug

Sorry man, but this is not a bug as Bill Bumgarner points out. I'm glad I can replace a folder with a file. It's not as if you're not warned.

Bare Bones Sucks: Not Really

Wanted to clear one thing up: I don't think Bare Bones sucks - I got that comment from a chap on an IRC channel. It's a parody of their "BBEdit: It Still Doesn't Suck" slogan. Personally, I think they're doing some awesome work. I think BBEdit Lite was an awesome product for the price (free), […]

Bad UI: The Pulsing Taunt of Futility

Throw another log on the fire: this one pisses me off daily. Ever seen a dialog box (such as a save sheet, or in this case, creating a folder in a save dialog from Safari, Entourage, AppleWorks, etc.) that doesn't allow you to press "enter" (or "return") to "click" the default button? Or "escape" to […]

Bare Bones Now Officially Sucks

I wouldn't go so far as chandler on IRC put it, but the fact that Bare Bones Lite is now discontinued does kind of suck. The fact that TextWrangler, its $49 replacement, is what BBEdit Lite was but now costs money, sucks a little more. I use BBEdit (not Lite) every day. I've used it […]

$10 for MacMaid! Here it is Free

Do you enjoy being ripped off? Have $10 you absolutely have no better use for (like, contributing to your favorite Coke addict/blogger named Erik?). If so, pick up a copy of MacMaid, new overpricedware that lets you clean up your desktop! Of course, if you want to do it free… property fileExts : {"txt", "html"} […]

Safari Gets Tabs

If this is true then I think I'm going to puke. Not only does this indicate even more custom controls (see all the recent coverage of inconsistent UI), but… Ugh. I'd rather not have tabbed browsing at all than have even more bad UI shoved on us. Apple, wake the hell up! >:-o

Subscription Software: REALbasic

Some people think subscription software is the future. That - eventually - we'll all be paying for our software by the hour, month, year, whatever. Guess what? For some, it's already here: REALbasic 5.0 is out. REALbasic seems to have seen yearly upgrades since it's 2.x release or so (1998: 1.0, 2000: 2.1, 2001: 3.0 […]

Apple Bug Filing Day

Today I filled out about 40 bug reports at Here's the list, from our previous articles on the "inconsistencies" we find creeping up in the Mac GUI. If you have any bugs that you'd like to add to this list, let me know ( I'll post an updated list with your UI bugs in […]


If you create the folder ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Safari/ and drop AppleScripts into it, they'll appear as I've illustrated to the right. This is a great way to clean up your AppleScript system menu (y'all have one, right?). No longer must you have a long list of AppleScripts in that menu just to use them in all of […]