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The Heat is On

They say it's not the heat, but the humidity that gets you. Could we have less of both, please? It's going to be around 90° for the next few days in Erie. I mowed the lawn, an activity that lasts all of 20 minutes, and was drenched in sweat. Ick.

My Plan for Erie Golf Course

Erie Golf Course has now sat idle, being mowed once a week or so by one city employee to keep it a grassy area, for about a year. If I were Millcreek and I were given Erie Golf Course, I would turn the course into a nine hole course, build a range, a short-game area, […]

Charging at Presque Isle

Is there a law that prevents the city of Erie from charging people to enter Presque Isle State Park? I think Erie - if allowed - should put a booth up at the entrance. Charge $1 per car. Let anyone who walks, skates, or rides (on a bicycle) in for free. Sell season passes for […]

Time-Warner Paid me a Visit Today

This is a follow-up to the ongoing story I first wrote about here. Time-Warner officials paid me a visit today. I won't elaborate on how I got to this point, but I will say that I felt I deserved an answer and that I was polite in taking the steps I've taken. Time-Warner's response has […]

Attention all customers of Time-Warner's Road Runner cable Internet service living in the Erie area west of I-79. I've previously documented the issues I've been having with Time-Warner's service here and here. Today a "PM" (plant maintenance) technician came to my house. I had scheduled the appointment last Thursday when my speed issues were not […]


Torero's recently opened up in Erie behind Damon's on Peach Street (in the old Fazoli's). Carey and I have gone a number of times and really dig it. Torero's is authentic Mexican food. If Taco Bell is your idea of Mexican, you'll want to either stay away or prepare to have your eyes opened. It's […]

Whispering Woods has dropped their rates. That didn't take very long. 2007 memberships now run $1,000 or $1,800 for a couple. Two-year memberships (2007 and 2008) run $1,800 and $3,400 - the previous 2007 rates (all current members have been extended the extra year). Fees are now:

I must admit that free is about the only price I'd play to go to Erie Golf Club, but ever since I heard they're not prosecuting trespassers (hey, it's still technically public property so far as I know), I've been there a time or two to play and use the course as a little driving […]

Snow? Again?

I'm trying very hard not to look at the snow we have lying around on the ground right now. Just a week ago I was golfing. Now, snow. In North East, they have three or four inches. I was scheduled to play Cranberry Highlands this Friday, but I don't think that's going to happen. Cranberry […]

Presque Isle Downs Buffet

Carey and I went to the Presque Isle Downs buffet last night. Despite having heard bad things about the food, Carey and I felt secure in our understanding of what "casino buffets" are supposed to do: Draw people to the casino. If a buffet is good, people will come to the buffet and "drop a […]

In the news this week: Millcreek Golf and Learning Center is going to be closed soon due to airport runway expansion. The course has earned a tidy profit for Millcreek since opening a few years ago. In related news, the city of Erie continues to try to pawn off Erie Golf Club. I'm not in […]

Thanks, Car-Pushing Guys

I'd like to thank the guys who helped to dislodge the Aztek from its "stuck in the snow" position earlier this afternoon at the Millcreek 6 Cinema. Thank you. Your kindness and willingness to help has done a good bit to bolster my faith in humanity. Of course, the car got there because I thought […]

Snow Over the Mailbox

Yeah, we have a lot of snow. We've probably gotten the normal amount of snow, but the main problem is that almost none of it has melted since it started coming down in early January. This is my "driveway neighbor"'s house.

We're paying for the fact that most of December was about 50°, I think. This isn't a promising looking weather chart, and I can't say I'm particularly happy to see all that Apple-designed snow flitting about in my Dashboard. It may be well-designed snow, good-looking snow, but it's still a lot of freakin' snow. I'm […]

TV in Erie is Disgraceful

OTA, or "over the air" broadcasting, has existed for a loooong time. Starting last night, DirecTV HD DVRs (the "HR20-700S") began receiving a software update that let users tune in and record OTA broadcasts. MPEG-2 OTA broadcasts have a lot of advantages over the MPEG-4 local channels offered by DirecTV: they look a little better […]