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Erie Blogs Turkey Bowl

I wonder if I'm eligible for the 1st Annual Erie Blogs Turkey Bowl. I hope so. I also hope that by posting this, someone will contact me to let me know if I'm eligible. 🙂

Millcreek Leaf Trash Bags

So Millcreek Township dictates that all residents who are looking to dispose of leaves from their yards (and we have plenty) must use biodegradable green trash bags. They put a large article in the paper on Saturday reminding residents of this fact. Carey and I purchase a leaf vacuum/blower/mulcher from Lowe's and stop by the […]

Erie County Election Results

I didn't vote, partly because I didn't know where to vote and partly because I don't care and no Republicans ever win anything in Erie. Then again, I think it's better not to have voted. We get Pittsburgh local channels on DirecTV and I don't read the local news anyway, so my votes would have […]

Erie Real Estate

Coldwell Banker came out with their 2005 Home Price Comparison Index. Erie has the most affordable homes in Pennsylvania. For example, a house in center city Philadelphia would costs 2.96 times more than a comparable house in Erie. The cost of an average home in the Erie area is about $107,000. There are currently 607 […]


The power has gone out in my neighborhood at least eight times since Carey and I moved in here in early June. Yesterday and today it was out three times alone. This is frickin' ridiculous, and so far as I can tell, there's absolutely no reason why the power should go out that often.

Is This Progress?

Upper Peach Street is, for all intents and purposes, the consumer-centric portion of Erie. It has "the mall" and "the movies" and "the restaurants" and it's everyone's destination on Friday nights. (Of course, this is Erie, so everyone is gone by 10pm or so.) An area south of "the mall" (Millcreek Mall) has been, for […]

Erie Golf Course

The North East High School golf team ventured to Erie Golf Course yesterday to play a match against Central. They lost, but that's not what I care to talk about here. Erie Golf Course is a whopping 1.5 miles from my house, and 1 mile of that is the windy road you take to get […]

Scooters in PA

When I was in Florida, I had a nice little 49cc, 1.9 HP scooter. It went 45-50 MPH and got right around 100 MPG. Florida law said that you could use a standard driver's license if your scooter was < 50cc and < 2 HP. Several shops rented scooters to beach-goers and vacationers, because they […]

Still No Dog Park

The dog park I mentioned back here is still not open. It really makes me re-consider doing this.

Bitch About Erie .com

I've been thinking of starting a new forum called "" (or something similar - go ahead and register the domain before I can, I don't care). People would, duh, use it to bitch about Erie, PA. Traffic lights, potholes, politicians, the lack of dog parks, the weather, whatever. Perhaps, and this may be a bit […]

Erie: It’s Not for the Dogs

How in the hell a dog park that's not even open yet can be voted "Best of Erie" is beyond me. Then again, perhaps the fact that it's Erie is all I need to know. About a mile from my house sits a fairly newly erected Erie Humane Society. It was voted, two months ago, […]

Stupid Erie Weather

For those who weren't sure, two feet of snow melting in two days causes quite a lot of flooding. I won't be playing golf this week regardless of whether the last bits of snow remain or not because I don't feel like sinking in mud up to my knees. Previous notes about the snowstorm here […]


OK, so yesterday I played golf for the third day in a row. Today, we get six inches of snow in blizzard-like conditions. By Wednesday, they're predicting partly cloudy skies and 66°. Friggin' Erie!

Winter in Erie

Okay, I don't normally blog about the weather, but yesterday it was 55 and almost all the snow in Erie had melted, save for a few previously huge piles in parking lots. I walked around in a short-sleeved shirt. Today, as of 10:30am, my car has four inches of snow on it and it's still […]

Filippi is a Democrat

Erie Mayor Rick Fillippi is a Democrat, and he's in trouble. Worse yet, he's a Democrat who snubbed Bush a few times in this most recent campaign, too. I don't care who you are: when you're a mayor of a medium-sized city, and the President of the Freaking United States visits your city, you at […]