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Boston Market Returning to Erie?

The past two weeks, in the Sunday paper, we've received Boston Market coupons. Boston Market (for whom I used to work, and from whom I still received a 30% discount seven years after the fact in Florida because I still had my employee discount card) was in Erie until, oh, 1999 or so before KFC […]

94 Degrees is Hot

They're calling for 90+-degree weather next week. I think I'll stay inside. But if I do venture out, perhaps I'll wear shorts when I play golf instead of pants?

Whispering Woods

They're building a golf course (or, rather, a housing development with a golf course meandering through it) in a community about three miles from where I live. It's called "Whispering Woods" and it's being done by the same fellow who designed the Upper Course at Peek 'n' Peak. This course has been, apparently, a while […]

Power Outages

Earlier this week when I returned from the airport in Buffalo, the power was out. Today, when Carey and I woke up, the power was out (and it didn't come back on until about 11am). Can we sue? What the heck? This happens all the time. Last year, the power went out four or five […]

Erie Golf Club

I played Erie Golf Club, errr, excuse me - "the recently renovated Erie Golf Club" - yesterday. Despite the Sunday paper's glowing description of the new clubhouse and the revised, improved, "new" holes, the course is still a dog track. I'm firmly of the opinion that Downing is a pretty darn nice course, especially for […]

55 MPH

If there's one thing that infuriates me on the way home from golf, it's the fact that, from PSU/Behrend to 79, the speed limit on I-90 is 55 MPH. Never mind that it's 2½ miles less going east (it ends at Parade Street, not the PSU/Behrend exit), but simply the fact that 55 MPH is […]

Spring Washing

It's funny how Erie-ites can be when it reaches a balmy 45°. I would have been quite comfortable walking around outside in shorts. As it was, I just swept out the garage and washed my car. Kiddo and Carey helped wash Carey's car. It's also somewhat funny how "fun" washing a car can be when […]

Restaurants I Wish Erie Had

Every once in awhile, I wish I had ready access to one of these restaurants: IHOP (guilty pleasure food [greasy, good], and lots of late-night conversations with pals in FL) Denny's (for slightly different reasons than IHOP, more about me being a fan of breakfast food) Lindburger's (near-gourmet burgers, great fries, all for $6.99 or […]

Free Weimaraner

Does anyone want a 4-year-old, well-behaved, house-trained, quiet, obedient male Weimaraner in great health? He's free and comes with a whole bunch of accessories - beds, leashes, and even a 7.5' x 7.5' outdoor fence. Update: He's found a happy home. Thanks.

Get Yer Own Damn Police

Yeah, Harborcreek: The buzz coming out of Harrisburg continues to be about House Bill 2454, the State Police Services Bill. As written, it would impose a fee of $100 per resident in municipalities of over 9,000 people without their own police force for pay for state police services. Harborcreek and Fairview Townships would be affected. […]

Erie Winter 2K6

What kind of screwy winter is this? I think we've had all of four or five days total with 6" or more snow sitting on the ground. We had a stretch of rainy 60° days in December and it's 60° outside right now. It's been one of the weakest, mildest, lamest, easiest winters I can […]

Erie Real Estate in 2005

5667 properties were bought and sold in Erie in 2005 for a total of $628,407,507. Carey and I bought a house in May. Though we account for only 0.0176% of the properties purchased, we account for 0.0306% of the cost of those properties. Average property price: $110,888.92. So, we paid roughly 75% more than the […]

This Crazy Winter

We've had about three days of snow in the past 45 days. It's 62° outside right now. I'm gonna try to play golf tomorrow, and I'd have played the past three or four days if I didn't have to be here at home painting the kitchen. With gas prices as high as they are, this […]

New Construction by the Millcreek Mall

Does anyone in Erie even know what restaurants and stores are being built just south (and a little west) of the Millcreek Mall? Carey is hoping for a Cheddar's. I'd be happy with a real burger place (fast food and Overpriced & Erma's doesn't cut it). One building is already stick framed and nearly sided. […]

XBox 360s in Erie

Erie must not be a big gaming town. There aren't many EBs or GameStops, and Best Buy (we have one) had 72 XBox 360s (54 Pro, 18 Core). I visited Best Buy this morning at 9:55 (they opened at 9am) and saw two XBox 360s get scooped up by people who had pulled in and […]