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Aaron Swartz, RIP

I believe I met Aaron at WWDC in 2001 at a lunch table with my friend John, though it may have been 2000. He was about 14 at the time, if the fuzzy math is correct, and now he's 26 and dead, having committed suicide under the pressure of the U.S. Government's case against him […]


I sometimes wish very much that I could express myself as well in person (or with my voice) as well as I can when I write. It's not even that I edit things. I tend to get things right the first time through. There's just something in that small bit of added time that's required […]

Spelling and Intelligence

I've never met a super-intelligent person who doesn't spell well and who doesn't have a disability like dyslexia. I realize that they're out there, and that perhaps I've simply not met them yet, but most super-intelligent people read a lot, and I think that helps them to become better spellers, along with a sort of […]

Yay, I’m 34

30/31/32 are your early 30s, then 33-36 are definitely your mid-30s. Maybe "early" excludes 30 and covers 31-33, but in either case, as of today, I'm in my mid-30s for sure.

Weight Today

181 🙂

A Streak Comes to an End

And it lasted almost a year. 😉

Donating Blood

I donated blood today. When I called to see if they were busy, the girl answered by telling me that "we are pretty dead." I first had to show my ID. I answered a questionnaire, which asked me if I'd had sex with anyone who was paid in "cash, drugs, or _____" (I forget the […]


For those of you who wish for extra time in the day, well, you don't get it, but this year you do get an extra day. Use it wisely. ((I'm of the opinion that leap days should be International holidays for people to do whatever it is they want. A true celebration of life, love, […]

Do You Know Your Blood Type?

{democracy:88} I don't. My dad is O (+ or - I don't know) and my mom believes she's A-. So I may be O or A. I'll go to the Community Blood Bank soon and donate blood. Why do I care? Because I'd like to put my blood type on my 1BandID, that's why! 🙂


I'm going after a new gig, a new job. It's in one of my current fields, and I'd be great at it. The people who know I'm going after it think I'll be great at it. The holdup? There's someone in that position - in a manner of speaking - already. That person should probably […]

Loss of Appetite

It may be a coincidence, but since I've started running, my appetite has plummeted. In some ways I think it has to be a coincidence because the farthest I've run and walked in a week is seven or eight miles (outside of normal walking of course). I feel okay. I'm not dizzy. I'm not sick. […]


Trust is not something that should be given OR taken away without a very, very good reason.

Love vs. Apathy vs. Hate

I've heard it said that the opposite of love is not hate, but apathy. Sometimes I'm not so sure about that.

Kindergarten Class Photo

Ugh. Yeah, I'm the only dumbass with his head turned way over that way. I remember that shirt, too. It was a tight "fur" style shirt. It may be the reason that I still dislike turtlenecks to this day

Worth the time it takes to read, her eulogy summarizes the positives. One could only hope that their final words are as good as "Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow." Mine will probably be something like "just plug it in already." 😛