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Apparently I'm an ISTP. My "Meyer-Briggs" personality type, anyway. I encourage you to check out your own type at that link... As to ISTPs, well: People of this type tend to be: logical, pragmatic, and matter of fact; quiet, unassuming, and autonomous; realistic, pragmatic, and aloof; impulsive and curious about the physical world; flexible and […]

Happy New Year

I guess my plan to go to bed at 11 o'clock failed.</2002> It's just as well… I got Cocoa Dev Central moved to MovableType as well.

MasterGrip Training

I've begun using the MasterGrip doo-hickey (like the one seen to the right, here) to strengthen my fingers for rock climbing. I haven't started doing pull-ups just yet (no real way to do them at this time, need a bar or something), but this hand grippy finger thing is tough. It's amazing how weak your […]

Questions to Ask

I like to ask questions. I like to find out about people. I like to know what they're thinking. For example, I like this question: "if you were a fruit, what kind of fruit would you be and why?" My answer is "kiwi" (I'll leave the "why?" for another time). I've found that many people […]


If this isn't an easy victory, I don't know what is. Ahhh, the spoils of victory and the joyousness of conquering the world on Christmas day. Today is very much like any other day, except that I don't plan on talking to anyone but my dog. I'm at a very decent place in life right […]

Scaling the Walls

No, that's not some kinky sex toy you see here... Gabe and I went rock climbing yesterday. While it's safe to say he's quite a good deal "more monkey" than me, I did fairly well I guess. I think big feet are a minus, as is "weighing a lot" and having more upper body strength. […]

Christmas in July

The problem with Florida - well, one of them anyway - for me as a northern boy is that it's currently 80 degrees outside. While this may not seem like such a bad thing, I should also point out that it's December 10… Fucking Florida though. I love walking around in shorts. I love it. […]