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Cynical Me

Danielle didn't show up yesterday. Go figure. This "friend" of mine from Cleveland is largely responsible for my recent bout of cynicism. She's done nothing but lie to me, use me, and otherwise abuse what was once a very soft heart for a sob story. I was lulled into being compassionate, and she took advantage.


My birthday is nearly over. I'll write more later. Apologies to those who will see this entry four times in their aggregator. José… Not sure what to say other than "thanks." You made my week, my month doubly special. Thanks.

Pretty Woman Moments

AdSense advertising, which diamond jewelry I think is what we're currently jewelryinolog see on blogspot blogs. Presumably jewelry I'll get a share of the revenues religious jewelry for making the space available christian jewelry (what would be the point otherwise?). dog jewelry And since AdSense does its silver jewelry best to make the ads appropriate, […]

Tax Day

Today is my tax day - I meet with my CPA (of one year) later tonight. I'm surely about a billion dollars behind in debt, having 1099'd nearly the whole year. It's a very weird feeling to have to tax myself: I get a $4000 check and I have to take out $1500 to pay […]

The Falls

I have certain pals, let's name them Gabe and Daria, who are married and live near to me. I've been pals with them for quite some time now, six or seven years really, though until the past two years I hadn't really spent much time with them. They were an Internet pal-ship, and Daria was […]

Note to Self

Note to self: grow some damn balls man. Just do it. It doesn't matter if it's in the middle of a sentence, or if the time doesn't seem exactly right, because it may never be, but just do it. The next time you get a chance, do it. And don't ask first, because although it […]

Dream: Golf Scramble

I had another dream last night, and since I'm documenting them here on this diary journal blog, well, here goes. I had the dream at about 2am (I've heard that most dreams are "realtime") and woke up at about 3am. As such, it's now 8am and I may not remember as much as I did […]

F = ma

If "a great time" is F, and m is "me," solve for a. The answer? My fabulous* new… physics partner. Heh. I spent time ostensibly helping someone with some physics last night. She's got a test coming up very shortly, and though it was intro physics, and though I'd spent no less than four solid […]

French Kissing

Je parle français. I'm sitting here eating French bread, doing work, and thinking about french kissing. Why? Cuz I'm eating French bread and I'll be damned if I'm going to go around "freedom kissing" or eating "freedom bread." As to why I capitalize French in bread but not in kissing, I don't know. Incidentally, one […]

My Very Own Coke Machine

Very very very tempting. From Ars technica. Very tempting. Let's just say I've put this on a bookmark list that I review very very frequently… Has anyone done this? I really doubt it. I should try to cut back, instead. It can't be good for me. But still, very very tempting.

I Have Six Friends

At any one time in my life, I've got about five or six friends. That's all. Mostly no more, and rarely any less. Six. 1 2 3 4 5 6. Acquaintances, or hemi-pals, or pals, or "people I know," well, I've got lots of them. More than anyone has friends, that's for sure, and more […]

Continuing Possibilities

Last night I had another wonderful time with a cute, fun, intelligent girl. I'm always excited when I meet someone new. She's sarcastic (a good thing), she's geeky (a great thing), and she's adorable in the mature-but-still-energetic-and-spontaneous sort of way. Well, and other ways too. I'm absolutely looking forward to the next time I get […]

Loving French, Uhh, Desserts

I noticed that number five in the top Ten Reasons to Love France was "the food." French food - rather, food named "french" - has been in the news lately, so I thought I'd share my take on French food.

Dream: Me on Survivor

I woke up fairly early this morning and decided to go back to sleep. I went back to sleep for about an hour, and at some point I started dreaming. I decided awhile ago to blog all of my dreams because supposedly that will help you have or remember more (not blogging, just retelling it).

Field of Myself

I won a national award for this poem, but it's a bit of a farce. I wrote it in 1995.