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Braggin’ ’bout my Girl

Carey, as some know, went back to college to become a teacher. She's student teaching at a local high school right now and figured she'd begin interviewing for jobs after the school year was over. Most teachers, it seems, are hired pretty late. It's not uncommon to get hired in late July or even early […]

New Glasses

I'm looking into getting some new glasses. My current set - a pair of Esprit rimless glasses - are constantly "coming apart." You see, the nose bridge that is secured to the glasses with a threaded post and a nut on the other side. The nut is constantly coming loose (the nut is loose, the […]

Happy Birthday To Me

If anyone wants to wish me a happy birthday, buy some software instead. 😉 I've long since passed the stage where I care about being another year older. I'm a day older than yesterday, just like I will be tomorrow. The pleasure of having a birthday now comes in the guilt-free ability to be a […]

Golf Scholarship

I recently redesigned the website for the country club to which I belong - Lake View Country Club - and the only thing I've asked for as payment for what would have normally been about a $3,000+ job was a $335 junior membership that I could give away to a golfer at my former high […]

My Day So Far

Went to the driver's license center for the third time this week. Monday was "pictures only" day. Tuesday I found out that there was a problem with my FL license. Today I was told that, despite the fact that I had all the proper paperwork on Tuesday, things had changed and I'd need to get […]

Back from North Carolina

Well, I'm back from North Carolina. My trip featured, among other things: Nearly three full days with someone who's made my top-five list of "most annoying, clueless people in the world." The guy's a piece of work, and I could go on for hours. But I shall not. Five hours or so spent in the […]


One goshdarn Coke today at 3pm and I'm still up. At least I didn't get a headache this time. I gave up Coke a while ago, and I don't miss it. Every time I had it after quitting cold turkey for a few months, I'd get massive headaches. I used to be able to drink […]

Evolution and Creation

This sticker is incredibly stupid: This textbook contains material on evolution. Evolution is a theory, not a fact, regarding the origin of living things. This material should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully, and critically considered. "Evolution" is not the Big Bang theory, nor is it the "primordial sludge" theory. Evolution is part […]

Pooty Belly Update

Turns out the solution regarding Pooty Belly was simpler than I imagined: wait until she breaks up with the neighbor and moves out. I'm not sure she's gone, but I haven't seen or heard her since about a week or two after Thanksgiving.

Perfect Circle

In the iTunes Originals: R.E.M. "chats," Michael Stipe of R.E.M. talks about a theory espoused by an artist, a painter, named Paul Clay Klee as a way of explaining pure artistry. The theory goes as follows: At the beginning, everyone starts at the bottom of a circle, which represents naïvety and innocence. As you learn, […]

Christmas with Snow

Living in Florida, Christmas never had any kind of hold on me. I lived in an area filled with Jewish people, so I couldn't even drive around to see houses decorated with lights. Christmas day was often 75°F. Nothing felt right. I even forgot that one day was Christmas - I woke up, wandered over […]

Wiggly Wiggly Christmas

When I was a kid, my sister listened to "Cabbage Patch Christmas" about fifty times per year, concentrated of course in the month of December. Cabbage Patch kids singing is one step above The Chipmunks, and to say the darn record grated on my nerves is putting it mildly. Especially when you consider that "when […]

Carey’s Ring

Carey and I drove to Bedford yesterday to pick up her ring. I'd already picked it out a few weeks ago, and mine was waiting too. We drove down, picked it up, had lunch with my grandma, and drove back. I called it a "hybrid" - part engagement ring, part wedding band - because we're […]


Interesting fact I just read: boys tend to bond with their fathers (and male friends) side by side, facing the same direction and girls tend to bond with their mothers (and female friends) face-to-face. In my experience, that's held up pretty well. Sitting on a couch playing video games. Fishing in a stream. Shooting rifles […]

AAPL + 3.89

Jeezus. I have 57 shares bought at $16.20. Value then: $923.40. Value today: $3901.08. I'm waiting until at least January (new tax year) to sell 'em. Then, the money goes right into a house. So, I hope it hangs over $60 for at least another 45 days or so.