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Wisdom Teeth Removal

It turns out that removing four bicuspids when I was a kid is now considered a mildly "controversial" tactic that's not used much anymore, and due to the relatively small size of my mouth and the fact that even the dentists can't easily clean my rear wisdom teeth, I'm having them removed. Just the uppers. […]

A Good Electric Razor?

Can anyone out there recommend a good electric razor? My old one can no longer hold a charge for very long, and it was never all that great to begin with. My facial hair doesn't grow very quickly. I have a separate beard trimmer (for a small goatee type thing), but if a razor could […]


Carey and I both realized today that our anniversary was two days ago. Heck, Carey even thought it was yesterday because she had the date(s) wrong. Oh well. 🙂

Travel for Introverts

Confessions of an Introverted Traveler is a good little piece. But I don't seek people out, I am terrible at striking up conversations with strangers and I am happy exploring a strange city alone. I don't seek out political discourse with opinionated cab drivers or boozy bonding with locals over beers into the wee hours. […]

True or false: public schooling in the United States is generally well suited for the average and below average children while leaving many of the more intelligent kids to fend for themselves. Feel free to elaborate in the comments.

A Bizarre Birthday Present

My Mom: Happy Birthday. Me: Thanks Mom: BTW, we're moving to where your sister lives. We bought a house and we've put our current one up for sale already. Currently they live 30 minutes from me. My sister lives in Latrobe, about 2½ hours away. Uhm, yeah. Funny timing, that. Happy birthday to me.

Given that I have a Kindle 2 arriving soon, can anyone recommend any good books? I tried to write about what I do and don't like, but I don't want to shut myself off to any "boundary stretching" options. The only things I really won't consider are comics, sci fi, and perhaps politics.

Perception is Reality

Most of the time, that's only a small problem. It becomes a big problem when (false) assumptions horrendously color the perception.

Numbers: 6, 9, 18, 5, and So on

On microwaves, I prefer multiples of 9. I'll type "63" seconds instead of 1 minute. If I need to stop something, I try to do so at a multiple of 9. Golf is a game played over 9 or 18 holes (or multiples thereof), so it's all good - multiples of both 9 and, for […]

I just found this today, and it reminded me that I've wanted to get this post out for awhile now. But first, 8:00 of your time.

Lasik and PRK

I'm likely a candidate for LASIK surgery if I ever wanted it I've never felt the need. Why let someone cut my eye when wearing glasses and contacts don't bother me? There's too much risk for the upside. A friend of mine recently had PRK ((Photorefractive Keratectomy)), a procedure that doesn't involve cutting the eye, […]

Giving Contacts Another Go

I'm giving contacts another try. My prescription - or really, my astigmatism - shifted slightly from where it was in 2007 when I was last checked and got new glasses As it's been about a decade since my last pair of contacts, I have to do the whole "fitting" thing again. I got a new […]

To My Wife on Her 31st Birthday

Happy Birthday! You're my favorite older woman and the love of my life. 😉

I don't care for this sort of take on things: To put them in perspective, I think of being on an airplane. The flight attendant comes down the aisle with her food cart and, eventually, parks it beside my seat. "Can I interest you in the chicken?" she asks. "Or would you prefer the platter […]

This Election

Today I dropped off my PA voter registration form. I'd previously been registered to vote in FL, and voted by absentee ballot in the last presidential election. I don't care much for politics, and I never really have. I understand the importance of being involved in the decision-making. I had a lot more free time […]