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Happy 34th

Yippee! You're still older than me! 😀 Gifts this year? A stapler and a steam cleaner. Fun. 😛

Proving God’s Existence

In talks with friends, they've admitted you cannot prove God exists (just as you cannot prove God doesn't exist). Sure, they'll cite things like "the natural beauty" and whatnot, but they cannot prove it. They'll almost uniformly say that it's a feeling they have. One friend a long time ago described it as a warm […]

Remembering Steve

At several points in the day I'd stumble across the browser tab that had in it, and I'd sit, reading the thoughts of others for two to ten minutes each time. I don't think I'll close that tab any time soon.

I've previously quoted it, but I'd never embedded it. By now everyone's seen this a few times over, but it's still 15 minutes well spent.

Steve Jobs Silhouette Apple

Steve Jobs : Hero

The word "hero" in terms of a leading graphic or image means a certain thing, but Apple's name for the image of Steve Jobs currently on the website is simply known as "t_hero.png" and one can't help but think that "hero" means something else entirely today. Steve Jobs, Hero:

Steve Jobs :

Steve Jobs :

The Passing of Steve Jobs

What saddens me most is that we'll never again get to see "one more thing." Apple will continue to do great things - Steve has instilled his mindset, his will, his whim and fancy throughout the company - but we'll never know what could have been. Steve Jobs is safely inside the top ten list […]

Today was what may be, for a few years, an annual golf trip to Orchard Ponds. The idea is that we have a foursome comprised of Myself, Carey, Natalie, and Brandon. Natalie gets to play from the red tees on every hole, and will end up with a score. This year got off to a […]

"Truth is a defense for libel, not for graciousness." - Unattributed I'm admittedly blunt and direct when it comes to things, but I'm softening - learning to be more gracious (("More gracious" is simply moving towards graciousness. Quite honestly I'm not sure I'll ever get there.)) with each passing year. It's tough, and I still […]

Christmas a Day Early

For various scheduling reasons, we're having Christmas a day early this year at our house. It will allow the most people to be here and everyone's off, so why not? And, on the off chance (i.e. Brandon forgetting to bring his dip) that someone forgets something, stores are still open to sell it to us. […]

Parker, Nephew

I don't have all the details like the exact birth time, weight, length, etc. but I'd like to welcome my nephew Parker Smith into the world. He's got a perfect alter-ego name should he one day become a superhero. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Carey (33)

My wife turns 33 today. I'll say happy birthday to her in our own way later today (and it was the first thing I said - thankfully :D) this morning when she awoke, but here's the public "happy birthday" most would expect. I did not know that opal was one her birthstones until Nat and […]

Only Children

A great article on only children. I'm quite happy with the one I've got and have no plans for more. This doesn't make me a bad person and it's in my kiddo's best interests as well, and the article makes that point rather nicely, too.