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Purchasing Video Game Soundtracks

Two games I've played recently - NHL '08 and Burnout Paradise on the Xbox 360 - have some interesting songs on them. You know what would be nice? Being able to instantly and easily buy some or all of those songs1. Unfortunately, the current means of acquiring these songs goes something like this: find a […]

Gaming Day

Today's plan: play a lot of games. All day. Carey's going to scrapbook. Tomorrow: reading day, probably. P.S. Thanks to those who have visited the Photo Battle Blog. Subscribe and vote daily, please.

Burnout Paradise

I put some time in with Burnout Paradise today. I feel I've gotten the hang of it thus far. I'm still pretty bad at some of the events that end in the mountains, but I popped online for awhile and spend an hour or two playing competitive/co-operative three-player challenges. The game is getting a lot […]

Gaming Goodness, Vol. 1

Descent3 + Call of Duty 4 = Gaming Goodness. I can't remember why I'm thinking about Descent today, but man that game was fun. Basically, an updated version of Descent built for online play would be awesome.

Penguins Finally Lose

The Penguins finally lost a game. It took a pretty silly goal and a shootout victory (by Mark Recchi of all people - if he played like he's been playing he wouldn't have been released by Pittsburgh) to do it, but their streak doesn't quite reach ten in a row. The streak dates back to […]


The Pensblog cracks me up. Including the Winter Classic, the Penguins have been on a bit of a roll. They've won five in a row and six of their last seven. The third-string goalie is 6-0 and has started several games in a row. Barry Melrose talked last night about Sidney Crosby through 200 games. […]

Pens Win Winter Classic

The first two minutes of this video are lame, but the energy contained in the sequence of shootout attempts is electric.

Breaking up with Guitar Hero 3

Jason Kottke writes about his break-up with Guitar Hero 3, and mine is awfully similar. I've even got an excuse, what with my bent pinkies and all. I've beat "Easy" mode with five stars on all the songs. I don't think I've ever played a song perfectly, but I simply lack the desire to do […]

Pats Perfect Season My Heinie

Lost in the hype of the Patriots "perfect season" is the simple fact that they're proven cheats. Perfect season my ass.

NFL Network Announcing Team

Bryant Greg Gumbel, Deion Sanders, Marshall Faulk == Worst Announcing Team Ever If I didn't like to pause so frequently (to get a drink, take a leak, etc.) then I'd have turned the radio broadcast on. As it is, I suffered through. Ugh. Worst ever.

Got an HD-DVD Player

Today I bought an HD-DVD player for the Xbox 360. Previously, they were $179 everywhere. Last night, I saw that they were down to $129 on and Toys 'R' Us. So, I picked one up today at Toys 'R' Us and printed the form for 5 free HD-DVDs. A few of the movies are […]

Xbox Fall Update 2K7

The Xbox 360 "Fall Dashboard Update" is set to hit consoles at 2am PST tomorrow. Among its many features (some of which I've already talked about), the update adds the option to "Tell a Friend" about a game. Rather than "Friends of Friends" or the option to "Tell a Friend" about Worms or Aegis Wing, […]

The 7-10 Review Scale

Penny Arcade hints at it, but the "7-10" scale is a problem with IGN and a lot of other reviews online. It's an even larger problem when you realize that virtually every game is going to get a 9.5 or less because the "9.5 to 10" range is reserved for those truly remarkable, once-a-year-or-less type […]

All males older than 18 with any combination of three working arms and legs should apply. Crutches count. Apply at Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA first thing Monday morning. P.S. Players who do not meet the above qualifications may still apply for the position of offensive coordinator.

Guitar Hero III for the Wii

I bought it and am working my way through on "Easy." 🙂 I'll move up to Medium eventually, but for now, easy is just fine. I spent 5-10 minutes today watching some YouTube videos of people playing some songs on Expert - even some getting 100% on expert - and wow. Those people have some […]