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QotD: O.J. Verdict

Question: If you could have decided the outcome of the O.J. Simpson trial, what would your verdict be? My Answer: A whole lotta jail time for Orenthal. Easily. DNA evidence? The state blew that case so hard it's preposterous. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or […]

OneWord: Order

Short order cooks are a rare breed these days. And what about customer service. I'm the customer, but where is the service. I like to call IHOP "dohi" because it's IHOP spun 180 degrees, and I bet they have short order cooks, right? But they also seem to have the worst waitresses ever. They mumble […]

QotD: Mind-Reading

Question: If you could read the mind of someone famous, who would it be and why? My Answer: [Snide answer]: George W. Bush because I've already got enough going on in my day that I don't need any extra thoughts popping up unexpectedly. [Actual answer]: Steve Jobs. A bit cliché I'm sure, but the guy's […]

OneWord: Candle

When I think of a candle I think of a dinner with someone special, or those Yankee candles I get 25% off for getting the flavor (errr, scent) of the month from BB&B. Last night I burned a "Christmas Cookie" one I have left over from Christmas. It wasn't dinner, but my companion sure as […]

QotD: Spousal Surprise

Question: If you could arrange for one thing to happen to your spouse (or boyfriend/girlfriend) without them knowing you arranged it, what would you plan? My Answer: I would plan a surprise cruise, partly because I've always wanted to go on one (free food 24/7!) and partly because it's a romantic way to spend a […]

QotD: Sexual Harassment

Question: If you had to choose the most extreme example of sexual harassment, what would it be? My Answer: One of my college professors made very little effort to conceal the fact that she wanted me. I managed to milk a few easy 'A's out of her, though, so I don't really care. I guess […]

QotD: New Home Appliance

Question: If you could invent one home appliance that does not exist, what would it be and why? My Answer: I would invent whatever the opposite of a microwave would be - something that cools things very quickly. This would be useful for immediately refreezing ice cream, chilling warm Coke, and achieving "cold pizza for […]

OneWord: Specific

I have nothing specific to write, though I would like to say that the last OneWord was on April 10, and this is kind of annoying. I've built this thing around doing a OneWord once per day, and yet these people can't publish a word for three days. What's the deal with that? How hard […]

OneWord: Step

I take two steps forward I take two steps back. Okay, Paula Abdul may have had a short career, but wasn't she married to Emilio Estevez once? Emilio is Charlie Sheen's brother, and of course both are Martin Sheen's sons. Martin Sheen is on West Wing, which needs to step it up soon because I'm […]

OneWord: Momentum

Sports teams often talk about momentum, or announcers do, but other things can have momentum too. Jamie will eventually get into momentum in her physics class (or has already), and speaking of Jamie, even relationships can have momentums, lulls, peaks, valleys, etc. But sports teams, that's where you hear it most often. Sack the QB […]

OneWord: Answer

Nobody has the answer, yet everyone has the answer. Ask anyone. They'll answer you. The the more you know, the more you realize you don't know anything. The people who know more are thus less likely to give you an answer, aren't they? But it's more likely to be the right answer if they give […]

OneWord: Demo

Demo is short for demonstration but never demolition, even though sometimes when giving a demo you'd rather be giving a demo. That makes no sense, but iWipe is currently in beta testing, and FTPeel will soon be a "demo" app of some kind, a public beta, and hopefully that won't turn into a demolition, though […]

OneWord: Reluctant

"Reluctantly crouched at the starting line" isn't that the intro to a Cake song or something? I think so. Last night Jen invited me to go to a movie with two of her friends, and I was "reluctant" to go because I like to concentrate on the friendship I already have instead of "making nice" […]

OneWord: Permanent

I'm in a mushy mood having just watched Ed and they say that love is permanent, but what does that mean? What's so permanent about two people having an awesome time for decades and then turning into worm food? Is the necessity of "everlasting love" tied to religion in that there is an afterlife? That […]

OneWord: Shake

Jamie came over and made smoothies the other day which is like a milkshake, kind of, except that it has no milk in it. Ice cream, except we used sherbet. Then again shake can also be like the shaking that you do when you're done peeing, or the shakedown given to criminals, like on Fastlane. […]