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Archive for the 'Recurring' Category

QotD: Indian Giving

Question: If you could take back any gift you've given but now wish you hadn't, what would it be? My Answer: Anything and everything ever given to Danielle. I've given bigger gifts than people have deserved in the past, but I don't regret those. Danielle, I regret ever even giving her the time of day. […]

QotD: Self Bust

Question: If you had a bust of yourself sculpted, where would you place it? My Answer: In the trash. In a closet. In the basement (if I had one). Maybe I'd hollow it out and plant flowers in it in the yard. Those smelly flowers rabbits don't like, so they are scared away from my […]

OneWord: Screen

I just got done reading about my screen so this OneWord is a bit weird. I'm also thinking of screening potential candidates for a job, something I just went through, and Daria screened calls while I wrote about Survivor from her house due to Interland's issues. Screen doors, you see a lot of those in […]

QotD: Ancient Clothes

Question: If you could live in a past era just so you could wear the clothes in fashion at the time, when would it be? My Answer: I would live in the stone age, when clothes were mostly optional, because I tend to be somewhat uncomfortable in any kind of "fashion" clothing. I sit around […]

QotD: Tragic Death

Question: If you had to die in one of history's disasters, which would you pick? My Answer: I would have died in the great Apple/Microsoft War of 2004. It rhymes. Oh wait, that hasn't happened yet. Okay, the sinking of the Titanic. Especially if I got to make out with Kate Winslet first. But hey, […]

OneWord: Princess

Princess? Could there be any word more sexist than princess? Just kidding. After all, princes are around too. But don't they dance in that Christmas song or something? Probably. "Prattling princes" doesn't have the same ring to it. Plus they have lords a leaping and stuff. Gay lords, that's weird. Gaylord Perry was a 60's […]

OneWord: Paper

The best thing about being out of college is not having to write papers anymore. Instead, I get to write here on my blog, and in the end, I write more than if I was forced to write things. Simple! I like to read, too, and that's another great thing about graduating: I read more […]

QotD: Stuck in an Airport

Question: If you had to be stuck for hours in any airport, which would you want it to be? My Answer: I'm tempted to say either of the Parisian airports, but right now my gut is telling me Tokyo. After all, that airport may have the most gadgets to keep me occupied. You are encouraged […]

QotD: Old Age Ailments

Question: If you could avoid one physical ailment in your old age, what would it be? My Answer: I would avoid arthritis. I do not want anything to hurt when I sit down, when I get up, when I sneeze, when I uncap a bottle, when I drive, or when I hug my wife extra […]

QotD: One Additional Holiday

Question: If you could add a holiday to the calendar, what would it be and why? My Answer: I would add a silent holiday - a day in which you weren't supposed to talk to anyone, or say much of anything. Radios and televisions would go down for the day, and people could use the […]

OneWord: Reflect

Reflect is the OneWord for today and I like to reflect on my life. I'm in a new quasi-relationship, I'm starting a new job, and my Cherry Coke isn't quite cold yet. I reflect in more than mirrors (if I didn't I suppose I'd be a vampire or something). Ponds too. Jamie uses Ponds face […]

QotD: Tombstone

Question: If you could decide what will be written on your tombstone, what will you have inscribed? My Answer: I want to be cremated (why would I want to take up space? I'm dead for crissakes), so perhaps I'll have this put on my urn: "Instant Erik™ - Just add water." You are encouraged to […]

OneWord: Actually

Actually is one of those words that people use when they want to be snobby and correct someone. "Actually, you are wrong" they say. "Actually, it's 42%" they say. "Actually, I'm quite good in bed." Ha, okay, so I wanted to have something that was a little provocative. After all, the rain did arouse me. […]

QotD: Burden

Question: If you could free yourself from one burden in your life, what would it be? My Answer: I doubt that "sleep" counts as a burden, so I can't say that. I'm going to go with the simple one: income taxes. Just tax purchases an even percentage and be done with it. Heck, for that […]

OneWord: Dawn

The dawn of a new day, the dawn of a new relationship, the dawn of a new job and a new life? We'll see. Red at night, sailor's delight, red in the morning, sailors take warning. I guess that didn't have the word dawn in it at all, hmm. I know two people named Dawn. […]