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QotD: Platonic Marriage

Question: If you had to marry someone you know un-romantically, and spend the rest of your life as their spouse, who would you choose? My Answer: Naked Weekend Crystal. That one was easy. 🙂 You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

OneWord: Bowl

Bowls are for soup and also bowl cuts. Nobody gets bowl cuts anymore. I think much faster than I type so even though I only have sixty seconds I'm on about three minutes of typing already in my head and it's only been fifteen seconds or so. But I keep typing, trying to catch up, […]

OneWord: Smooch

Smooch is what you do with someone you like. Wooo baby! Death to Smoochie was supposedly a very bad, bad movie, but I like Edward Norton. I need to rent the Robin Williams (he's also in the movie) thing where he splashes water on himself. Live on Broadway is it called? I don't know. It […]

Question: If you could communicate with any type of animal, what would it be? My Answer: I first wanted to say "humans." But it didn't ask "communicate perfectly," and I can already just "communicate," so I'm going to have to go with dogs. Though come to think of it, I already communicate with dogs, too. […]

QotD: Death by Animal

Question: If you were to be killed by an animal, what kind would it be?? My Answer: My first instinct was to choose a quick death, and the animal that would cause it, but I'm not certain death by lion mauling is fast enough. My next reaction is to choose something relatively painless, like some […]

OneWord: Pink

Pink is certainly a feminine word and it's also the name of an artist, and I'd listen to her music but right now I'm finishing my rating of Fleetwood Mac's greatest hits album or something. Two discs, actually, and I can't type today. I keep backspacing to correct things, which isn't the point of a […]

QotD: One Sense

Question: If you could keep only one of your five senses, which would you keep? My Answer: I would keep my sight. Much of my communication is textual - email, IRC, HTML, PHP, Objective-C, etc. I could live without feeling pain, I could deal with not being able to taste things (I might eat healthier!), […]

OneWord: Elegant

My date for dinner at Ruth's Chris looked elegant the other day. I'm used to seeing her in boy clothes, kinda, so it was quite a shock to see her all dressed up nice and sexy. She looked very, very good, and I think I told her that about five hundred times through dinner and […]

QotD: Stapled Body Parts

Question: If you had to staple any one part of your body to another part, which two would you choose? My Answer: I would staple my tongue to the top of my mouth. This would prevent me from saying stupid things, or at least thwart my efforts to do so. Beyond that, and I suppose […]

OneWord: Voice

I read some thing on Nick's blog (impromissum or something) about how people's voices change when they're talking to their significant other. Annie once told me she could tell every time Crystal called because I was talking to her differently than I do to anyone else. I suppose that's kind of funny, because aside from […]

OneWord: Boss

I have the same boss as I have now at the new place I'll be working, but we still don't know who his boss will be. The nice thing about my position is that I'm kind of above a lot of people, though I have no people "under" me, just people that are really supposed […]

OneWord: Glamour

Glamour makes me think of the magazine by the same name. Like Cosmo, but is it worse or better? Maxim is like Cosmo for guys, except they don't take themselves seriously, and I'm quite afraid that the women of Cosmo do. "How to get a Man to Buy You a Big Engagement Ring" seems like […]

QotD: iTunes Music Store

Question: What is your single favorite and least favorite feature of the iTunes Music Store? My Answer: Good: the thirty second previews are awesome - just long enough to get a good listen, no plugin, great quality. Bad: lack of selection. I wanted to pick up Chris Rock's Bring the Pain but it wasn't available. […]

QotD: More from iTunes

Question: If you could design the next version of iTunes, what features would it have? My Answer: Library sharing (like the Rendezvous one demonstrated last July), integration with this "service" thing that's not yet been announced, the ability to "buy now" from streams (and better display of the song being played in a stream), and… […]

QotD: Ending Relationships

Question: If you were to name the most difficult thing about a relationship, what would it be? My Answer: getting your stuff back. I'm only half joking about that, too. This one depends mightily on the quality of the relationship, of course, but in any "" there's bound to be some emotional turbulence. Your wife […]